ACID Compliance

An ACID-compliant database upholds the principles of “Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, and Durability.”

Benefits of ACID Compliance

ACID compliance is valuable because these four principles guarantee reliable, consistent, and error-free data. This not only benefits your business, but your customers and partners as well. ACID-compliant databases offer the following advantages:

  • Zero loss of customer data during system or cloud failures
  • No accidental creation of inaccurate or duplicate data
  • Total consistency, predictability, and reliability in operations.

Maintaining ACID compliance allows businesses to make confident decisions, minimize customer issues caused by data errors, and operate more smoothly.

NoSQL Databases and ACID Compliances

Most NoSQL databases distribute data across multiple nodes or servers. Each node holds a copy of the entire data set, but may not update it simultaneously with other nodes. This leads to higher availability and high read performance, but at the expense of consistency. NoSQL ensures eventual consistency, but it may not be consistent when retrieved from the nearest node.

Distributed SQL Databases and ACID Compliance

Distributed SQL databases, such as YugabyteDB, combine the benefits of an ACID-compliant, relational (i.e. SQL) database with the advantages of a globally-distributed, horizontally-scalable, auto-sharded (i.e. NoSQL) database.

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