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INSERT INTO Yugabyte (We’re Hiring, May 2020)

Michelle Brinich

Recent Yugabyte Highlights and Happenings

The strong momentum continues here at Yugabyte! This week we set the record straight regarding some misconceptions published by a competitor. We also released YugabyteDB v2.1.5, and now have more than 1000 members in the YugabyteDB community Slack channel! Never a dull moment in distributed SQL!

Last month, we held the first virtual Silicon Valley PostgreSQL Meetup, given that physical events are on a hiatus as the world responds to the unprecedented circumstances around COVID-19. For this virtual event, and all of our virtual events for the foreseeable future, in lieu of providing food, drinks, and swag, we’re donating those funds to charity. We invited the PostgreSQL meetup attendees to cast their votes to help guide our donations across three critical COVID-19 response programs, and are excited to announce that we made our first donation of $200 to No Kid Hungry to help feed children who are missing meals due to school closures. Thank you to everyone who cast a vote to guide our giving to this important cause!

No Kid Hungry YugabyteDB donation PostgreSQL Virtual Meetup

Due to COVID-19, our operations have also changed. Our meetings remain fully virtual, and fellow Yugabeings are settling in to what has been called “Zoom life”. Here’s a screenshot from a recent virtual all hands meeting, a weekly event that Yugabyte leaders started early on as a response to the circumstances so that we can stay connected in these trying times.

Yugabyte Zoom Life Virtual All Hands

In this situation when in-person meetings are restricted, we also looked for ways to bring to life what it’s like working at Yugabyte. In the spirit of doing so, we will introduce a Yugabeing in our hiring posts in hopes you can learn a bit about what it’s like to work here directly from some of the talented people who have already joined to help us carry out our mission. With that, here’s an introduction to Bogdan Matican.

Meet Bogdan Matican, Director of Engineering, Core Database

Yugabyte hiring manager Bogdan hiring Software Engineers Core Database

Q: Where are you based?

A: SF Bay Area

Q: What do you do at Yugabyte?

A: I lead a rock solid engineering team, building the core data fabric that powers Yugabyte DB. We’re responsible for:

  • data storage and retrieval, eg: ensuring the ACID and transactional guarantees of our client facing APIs
  • effortless scaling, eg: growing/shrinking deployment footprint to match user demand
  • fault tolerance and self healing, eg: absorbing failures of nodes, availability zones, or even full regions, with no downtime or business impact

Q: What’s one great thing about working at Yugabyte?

A: I am still in awe, every single day, of what we’re able to accomplish as a team. We’re a relatively small but growing team that has successfully built a badass distributed SQL database that powers many innovative and highly successful businesses and brands! Our system combines the scalability and consistency guarantees of databases such as Google Spanner and the SQL language flexibility of Postgres, into a production-grade, open source, cloud native database! And we’re just getting started … imagine what we’ll be able to achieve on our way to 100 people, 1000 people, and beyond!

Q: What positions are currently open on your team?

A: We are always looking for smart, driven, and resourceful engineers, interested in making an impact and growing with us, as we scale. You’ll feel right at home if you have experience or interest in distributed systems, networking, storage, replication, performance analysis or debugging complex system interactions! Specifically, my team is hiring Software Engineers for the Core Database–check out the job description.

Q: When you aren’t working, what are you up to?

A: Before COVID-19, my wife and I would happily take any opportunity to travel and explore the world! Outside of that, I’m a big fan of games—from board games to PC/VR games, to real life escape rooms. Lastly, I’m also quite into shooting, particularly, trap and skeet.

Current Openings at Yugabyte

Health and safety remain a top priority for all of our roles. As such, all Yugabyte interviews are held virtually, so we can all continue doing our part with social distancing and containment efforts. Although we are based in Silicon Valley, we hire exceptional folks wherever they are! Yugabyte is currently hiring for these open positions in our Product, Customer Success, Engineering, and Marketing teams:

Current Openings in the Broader Yugabyte Community

As the broader Yugabyte community grows, so do the number of openings to help support those deployments. We scanned the Internet and found these openings:

What’s Next

  • Visit our careers page for Yugabyte’s current openings and other information.
  • Not yet familiar with our distributed SQL database? Get started with YugabyteDB on macOS, Linux, Docker, and Kubernetes.
  • If you don’t see a job that fits but would like an opportunity to turn your passion for Yugabyte into your profession, email us.

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Michelle Brinich

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