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Yugabyte Engineering: Why I Decided to Join a Fast-Growing Startup

Sahith Kurapati

Hello. I’m Sahith, a Yugabyte engineering intern. I’m a 2022 Computer Science Engineer graduate from PES University in Bangalore who loves to solve problems with code. I also recently decided to join Yugabyte in a full-time engineering role. And lucky for me, this turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve made.

However, before joining the company full time, I wanted to share some takeaways from my internship experience. Given the rapidly increasing number of startups today, there are a few salient aspects of Yugabyte that stand out. These include: the company culture, the engaging work, and the incredible growth opportunities.

What’s the company culture like?

My fellow Yugabeings—what we call employees at the company—love to follow one motto: “Work hard, play hard.” As much work that gets done each week, there’s an equal amount of fun to be had.

One thing that is never compromised here is work-life balance. It’s encouraged to take a day or two off to rejuvenate whenever you wish. Yugabyte also has a fully-transparent work environment. The company believes everyone has a right to know what’s going on in the business and have a say in its direction.

What did I do as a Yugabyte engineering intern?

Ideally, in fast-growing startups, you would have a greater scope for learning and personal technical development, and the same applies at Yugabyte. But having an equal sense of technical or non-technical responsibility among everyone is hard to find everywhere.

Yugabyte treats interns and full-time employees the same. This means there’s a greater sense of accomplishment when your project goes live into production. During the course of my internship, I worked on three customer facing projects. After rigorous testing, it’s really nice to see people use the feature you built.

How have I grown?

By growth, I’m referring to both myself and the company. Yugabyte’s growth exists in both qualitative analysis and quantitative metrics. But how can you measure your own growth? Look at yourself six months ago and compare it with your current self. When I think about all the things I’ve learned in these last six months, I’m super proud of myself and our amazing engineering team.

If someone told me six months ago that I would be here right now learning this much, it would be tough to believe. My colleagues have taught me that the most important thing is not just technology, but how to tackle any situation and problem solve. This helps you the most in the long run.

My Yugabyte engineering journey continues!

All in all, I’m delighted to have worked as a Yugabyte engineering intern. I also have no regrets accepting a full-time position. I’m genuinely excited to join the team in this capacity and see where my journey goes from here. What more can you really ask from a company? 🙂

Want to join a dynamic company in growth mode? We are currently hiring for a number of open positions across Yugabyte. Discover your next opportunity today!

Sahith Kurapati

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