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INSERT INTO Yugabyte (We’re Hiring!)

Michelle Brinich

If you’re looking to turn your passion for Yugabyte into your profession, then we have great news for you! Yugabyte is currently looking for talented people to join our team and help us keep the momentum going. In addition, the Yugabyte community more broadly is looking for people to help them create and operate global, internet-scale apps built with our distributed SQL database. For those of you who are already familiar with what we’re all about, you can jump straight to the open positions. For those of you who may be new to Yugabyte, here’s a little bit more about us.

Who we are

Yugabyte is made up of a team that built and ran Facebook’s NoSQL platform and worked first-hand on a number of databases such as Apache HBase, Apache Cassandra (from even before it was open sourced), Oracle, and RocksDB. Our company name is inspired by the Sanskrit word Yuga, which represents an era or an epoch (about 4.32 million human years)–a very long period of time. We selected the name Yugabyte to signify data that lives forever without limits. We came together because we enjoy solving the hard data problems, and our growing team continues doing just that.

Yugabyte team is hiring

What we build

Working together across teams, we deliver a high performance, open source, cloud native distributed SQL database that offers high throughput and low latency not only for day-to-day queries, but also as the complexities of the global-scale businesses we serve change and evolve.

How we work

We work well across teams to deliver meaningful and impactful contributions that drive customer and user success. We enjoy doing our best work, we like to work smart and at a fast pace, and we recognize and appreciate our fellow Yugabeings for their awesome work in helping our customers, open source community, and company learn, try, and succeed. 

Current openings

Now hiring at Yugabyte

At Yuabyte, we are currently hiring for these open positions in our Customer Success, Engineering, and Marketing teams:

Now hiring in the broader Yugabyte community

As the broader Yugabyte community grows, so do the number of openings to help support those deployments. We scanned the Internet and found these openings:

What’s next

  • Visit our careers page for Yugabyte’s current openings and other information
  • Not yet familiar with our distributed SQL database? Get started with YugabyteDB on macOS, Linux, Docker, and Kubernetes
  • If you don’t see a job that fits but would like an opportunity to turn your passion for Yugabyte into your profession, email us

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Michelle Brinich

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