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Is Your Distributed Database PostgreSQL Compatible, and Why Does This Matter?

Suda Srinivasan

Most companies now realize that compatibility with a widely adopted SQL API is essential to ensure the success of their modern distributed SQL databases.

But, there are many SQL database options available and each one takes a different approach to Postgresql compatibility. This can have major implications for the developers and applications leveraging these databases.

In this on-demand webinar, Yugabyte CTO and Co-Founder Karthik Ranganathan discusses the key criteria you can use to evaluate PostgreSQL compatibility.

Webinar: Evaluating PostgreSQL Compatibility in Distributed SQL Databases

Karthik applies a comparison framework to analyze four major distributed SQL databases:

He also examines key aspects of PostgreSQL compatibility within each database, including features, code, and interface, as well as the overall architecture.

For more information on PostgreSQL compatibility in a distributed database, check out Karthik’s recent blog, Are Stored Procedures and Triggers Anti-Patterns in the Cloud Native World?

You can also join the Yugabyte Community via our Slack channel to connect with database experts from across the world.

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Suda Srinivasan

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