Yugabyte Cloud

Effortless Distributed SQL

Fully managed YugabyteDB-as-a-Service without the operational overhead of managing a database.
  • 1000+ Organizations
  • 300K+ TPS
  • 30+ Regions

You bring the apps. We handle the database.

Yugabyte Cloud is the easiest way to get started with YugabyteDB. Effortlessly ensure continuous availability and limitless scale of your cloud native applications. Focus on building your business, and leave database operations to Yugabyte.
# SELECT jsonb_object_keys(doc) FROM books;
Instant Productivity
Create and connect to an infinitely scalable, resilient, Postgres compatible database in minutes. No software to install, configure, or manage.
# SELECT pg_stat_statements_reset();
World-class operations
Rely on the experienced cloud operations team at Yugabyte - that bring decades of experience - to keep your data safe by applying industry-leading best practices.
# CREATE TABLESPACE multi_region_tablespace;
Global Availability
Deploy your database clusters anywhere in the world your apps and users are. Yugabyte Cloud is available in over 30 regions in Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform with more coming.
# GRANT SELECT on mytable TO user;
Efficiently secure your data in Yugabyte Cloud using features such as identity and access management, key rotation, database access logging and audit, VPC peering, network isolation, and turnkey encryption.

Cloud with Confidence

Get the modern database capabilities you need to deliver services and experiences quickly with
Yugabyte Cloud.
  • Easy Scaling
    Zero downtime scaling up and down of database clusters
  • Resilience
    Continuous availability of database clusters in the event of infrastructure failures
  • Geo-distribution
    Flexible geo-distribution using sync and async replication and geo-partitioning
  • No-Hassle Upgrades
    Non-disruptive, zero downtime software upgrades of the infrastructure and database
  • Tunable Backups
    Automatic daily backups of data with the option to control frequency and retention
  • Turnkey Encryption
    Encryption of data at rest and in flight (TLS/SSL) for end-to-end security
  • Monitoring
    Real-time consolidated monitoring and alerting of database clusters across any cloud
  • 24/7 Support
    Responsive support through web and phone

Meet Our Customers


  • Free Tier
    A perpetually free community supported YugabyteDB cluster for educational and 

    non-production use
  • Production Tier
    $0.25 per 
    Paid clusters for production applications that require configurability and enterprise support. Flexible pay-as-you-go and subscription
billing options

Purchase through Cloud Marketplaces

Sign up for Yugabyte Cloud through your existing cloud provider to unify billing and leverage your
existing cloud commitments.

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