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Leverage geo-distribution and global consistency to wow users and drive business growth.
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FeatureBenefitYugabyteDBYugabyte PlatformYugabyte Cloud [BETA]
Description Distributed SQL DBSelf-Managed DBaaSFully-Managed DBaaS
Core Features
Distributed Document StoreLinear scaling of reads and writes across multiple regions. High availability under any failure. Built on a durable LSM storage engine with Raft distributed consensus-based strongly consistent replication with inspiration from Google Spanner. Written ground-up in C++ for high performance.YESYESYES
ACID TransactionsBlazing fast single-key and single-shard ACID for majority workloads. Fully distributed ACID whenever needed for high data integrity.YESYESYES
Distributed SQL APIsServe both scale-out RDBMS and internet-scale OLTP workloads with low query latency, extreme resilience against failures and global data distribution. PostgreSQL compatible.YESYESYES
Basic SecurityIncludes internal authentication and authorization. Ready for storing sensitive, mission-critical data without fear of compromise.YESYESYES
Bring-Your-Own AdministrationPlug into your existing DevOps toolchain. E.g. orchestrate clusters with Kubernetes/Chef, monitor/alert via Prometheus.YESYESYES
Data Migration Tools Migrate out of legacy databases easily.YESYESYES
Enterprise-Grade Features
Read ReplicasLow-latency, timeline-consistent reads in remote regions by reading from local read replicas. Write latencies remain low. Powered by asynchronous replication.YESYESYES
Preferred Region Placement & Continuous BalancingLow-latency, strongly consistent reads optimized for well-known primary regions.YESYESYES
Security & ComplianceEncryption in-flight and at rest. Integration with key management systems.YESYESYES
Distributed Backups & RestoreYour mission-critical data protected against unforeseen disasters with extreme ease.YESYESYES
Change Data Capture [BETA]Drive external apps such as OLAP analytics or Kafka streaming by capturing row-level, in-sequence change streams.YESYESYES
xCluster Async ReplicationRemove WAN latency from the write path through xCluster Master-Follower and Multi-Master 2-Data Center deployments. Powered by Change Data Capture streams.YESYESYES
Cloud Native Operational Excellence
Multi-Cloud Cluster OrchestrationOne-click create/expand/shrink of database clusters across multiple regions on public clouds, private data centers and Kubernetes distributions.YESYES
Management of Multiple ClustersCentral management for multiple database clusters.YESYES
No Cloud Lock-inNatively integrated with public cloud platforms to automate deployments. Seamless portability across clouds avoids lock-in. YESYES
Monitoring & AlertingComplete performance and availability monitoring solution.YESYES
Scheduled BackupsAutomated backups with a schedule that works best for you.YESYES
Automated Software UpgradesRolling software upgrades that can be initiated via UI and API.YESYES
VPC PeeringCreate database clusters in a secure VPC of their own and peer the new VPC with your application's VPC.YESYES
Highly Reliable Admin ConsoleAlways available to monitor and manage your clusters.YESYES
Managed Operations
Unified Billing including IaaS CostSingle bill that includes both DBaaS and IaaS cost.YES
Managed Multi-Cloud OrchestrationAvailable on public cloud platforms including AWS and Google Cloud.YES
Managed Software UpgradesFully-managed, zero-downtime software upgrades with the latest enhancements and fixes.YES
Managed BackupsFully-managed, scheduled database backups to AWS S3 and Google Cloud Storage.YES
Enterprise SLAUptime guarantees that adhere to strict enterprise SLAs.YES
Emergency PatchesGet emergency patches not yet released in open source.YESYES
Coverage & ChannelsYour apps do not have downtime, neither does our support. Slack, GitHub & Forum24/7/365 Web & Phone24/7/365 Web & Phone
LicenseApache 2.0CommercialCommercial
PricingFreeBased on the number of CPU cores (physical or virtual) in your environment.Pay per use