Yugabyte Cloud for Startups

Building the default distributed SQL database for cloud native applications is our business.
We’re here to support yours with $6,000 USD in FREE cloud infrastructure and support for YugabyteDB.

Program Highlights

A high-level overview of the program's features, terms and costs.

What are the features of the program?
  • Enterprise Support: Technical support backed by an SLA
  • YugabyteDB in the Cloud: Fully managed distributed SQL on the cloud of your choice
  • Product Influence: Work closely with Yugabyte Engineering to shape the next iteration of Yugabyte Cloud
What are the terms of the program?
  • $6,000 USD in credits towards cloud infrastructure suitable for production workloads.
  • Periodic feedback sessions with Yugabyte Engineering
  • Authorized use of logo, a compelling quote and case study
What are the benefits of the program?
  • A $6,000 USD credit towards a full-managed production deployment of YugabyteDB
Who qualifies?
  • Eligibility is based on funding stage and annual recurring revenue.
  • Contact us to discuss if your company qualifies.

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