Yugabyte Cloud for Startups

Building the default distributed SQL database for cloud native applications is our business.
We’re here to support yours with FREE cloud infrastructure and support for YugabyteDB.

Program Highlights

A high-level overview of the program's features, terms and costs.

What are the features of the program?
  • FREE Enterprise Support: Technical support backed by an SLA
  • FREE YugabyteDB in the Cloud: Fully managed distributed SQL on the cloud of your choice
  • Product Influence: Work closely with Yugabyte Engineering to shape the next iteration of Yugabyte Cloud
What are the terms of the program?
  • 1 year of FREE cloud infrastructure suitable for production workloads.
  • Periodic feedback sessions with Yugabyte Engineering
  • Authorized use of logo, a compelling quote and case study
What is the cost?
  • None
  • This is a FREE program exclusively for startups and early stage companies
Who qualifies?
  • Eligibility is based on funding stage and annual recurring revenue.
  • Contact us to discuss if your company qualifies.

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