The Leading High-Performance Distributed SQL Database

Open-source, cloud-native relational DB for powering global, internet-scale apps.

  • Single-Digit Millisecond Latency
    Build blazing fast cloud applications by serving queries directly from the DB.
  • Massive Scale
    Achieve millions of transactions per second and store multiple TB’s of data per node.
  • Geo-Distribution
    Deploy across regions and clouds with synchronous or multi-master replication.

Open Source DNA

Driven by developers
The fastest growing distributed SQL database project.
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For Large Organizations

Adopted by enterprises
Powers business-critical apps at scale.
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Built for Cloud-Native Architectures

Develop, deploy and operationalize modern applications faster than ever before with YugabyteDB.
Gain Developer Agility
Leverage full power of SQL and distributed ACID transactions. Absolute correctness guaranteed.
Operate Resilient Services
Ensure continuous availability even when underlying compute, storage or network fails.
Scale On-Demand
Add and remove nodes at will. Say no to over-provisioned clusters forever.
Lower User Latency
Leverage geo-distribution and global consistency to wow users and drive business growth.
Exploit Multi-Cloud
Manage your data alongside your Kubernetes applications across public and private clouds.
Accelerate with Open Source
No hidden traps to slow you down. Fully open source even for enterprise features.

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"YugabyteDB helped Narvar avoid cloud lock-in, stay GDPR compliant and save money in the process. Our systems can now keep pace with our rapidly growing business."
CTO, Narvar
"With YugabyteDB and Yugabyte Platform, we are able to scale rapidly. Our partnership means onboarding new customers and maintaining GDPR compliance becomes a competitive advantage."
Co-Founder & Head of Eng, Plume
"YugabyteDB gave us a highly available and transactional database that is capable of near-infinite scaling with low latencies. It has enabled our developers to roll-out new features a lot quicker."
CTO & Co-Founder, Turvo