Announcing Online Talk on April 26, 2018 about scaling transactional apps across multiple regions with low latency. Reserve your spot now.

Scale Transactional Apps Across Multiple Regions
with Low Latency

Thursday, April 26, 2018
10 am – 11 am PT | 1 pm – 2 pm ET
Sid Choudhury

Sid Choudhury
VP Product, YugaByte

Transactional, Multi-Region Apps

User-facing transactional apps in verticals such as Retail, Finance and SaaS are increasingly moving from a single-region, monolithic architecture to a multi-region, cloud-native architecture. Enhancing customer satisfaction with low latency access, protecting data through geo-redundancy and satisfying compliance requirements such as GDPR are some of the major drivers for this move. Unfortunately, the DB tier powering the above apps has remained as a high-latency, hard-to-scale master-slave RDBMS for a long time. Multi-master deployments as well as the use of a separate NoSQL DB for multi-region data distribution are simply band-aids to this problem and do not deliver the desired business outcomes.

In this online talk, Sid Choudhury will highlight how YugaByte DB, a next-generation transactional database, is ensuring both data integrity and low latency in geo-distributed deployments. Focus areas will include:

  1. Deploying clusters across multiple regions and across multiple clouds including AWS, Google Cloud and private DCs.
  2. Accelerating app development through combination of single-row ACID and distributed ACID transactions.
  3. Leveraging tunable latency controls to serve strong and timeline-consistent reads.

The enterprise journey from the old world to the new world will be described in the context of a real-world E-Commerce app powered by YugaByte DB. With the major public clouds offering 100+ regions across the globe, beating your competition through globally-consistent, low-latency apps just got a whole lot easier!

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