Scale Transactional Apps Across Multiple Regions
with Low Latency

Online Talk, April 2018
Sid Choudhury

Sid Choudhury
VP Product, YugaByte

User-facing transactional apps in verticals such as Retail, Finance and SaaS are increasingly moving from a single-region, monolithic architecture to a multi-region, cloud native architecture. Enhancing customer satisfaction with low latency access, protecting data through geo-redundancy and satisfying compliance requirements such as GDPR are some of the major drivers for this move. Unfortunately, the DB tier powering the above apps has remained as a high-latency, hard-to-scale master-slave RDBMS for a long time. Multi-master deployments as well as the use of a separate NoSQL DB for multi-region data distribution are simply band-aids to this problem and do not deliver the desired business outcomes.

In this online talk, Sid Choudhury highlights how YugaByte DB, a cloud native transactional database, is ensuring both data integrity and low latency in geo-distributed deployments. With the major public clouds offering 100+ regions across the globe, beating your competition through globally-consistent, low-latency apps just got a whole lot easier!


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