YugabyteDB: The Retailers’ Choice for a Modern Transactional Database

Today’s savvy consumers expect seamless shopping experiences, whether they’re scrolling through your website or strolling through your store.

They’re on hybrid and omnichannel journeys—browsing online, testing products in store, and demanding multiple purchase and return options. If you’re a retailer aiming to meet these high expectations, your data infrastructure needs to be as flexible and dynamic as your customers.

In a
hybrid shopping journey
consumers mix online and in-store touchpoints often starting online and finishing in-store, or vice versa, to save money or get a hands-on feel for the product.
During an
omnichannel customer journey
the focus is on creating a frictionless customer experience across multiple platforms so customers can start, continue, and finish shopping on whichever channel they want.

This is where modern applications and data architectures come in. They aren’t just about keeping pace; they’re about offering something new and personalized at every touchpoint. Be it advanced inventory management, smart recommendations, or fluid omnichannel shopping experiences, innovative retailers are utilizing data to provide convenience and personalization across both online and offline channels.

The end result is clear: a competitive edge is achieved through increased productivity, reduced costs, and minimized risks.

Top Retail Priorities - YugabyteDB database

Yet, if your database is stuck in the past, your hybrid and omnichannel aspirations are going to hit a wall. Legacy monolithic databases limit scalability, jeopardize availability, and shackle you to a specific cloud vendor.

Enter YugabyteDB—a game-changing distributed database that turbocharges PostgreSQL with built-in resilience, on-demand scaling, and cloud-native simplicity. It’s built to scale, ensuring that no matter how customers flock to your brand, your data (and the apps that depend on it) will keep pace.

So whether you’re deploying CRM systems to track customer behavior, using AI for personalized suggestions, or integrating POS systems for seamless online-to-offline transitions, YugabyteDB can handle it. The database’s adaptability and resilience makes it ideal for modern retailers, ensuring that no matter how (and where) your customers choose to shop, you’re ready for them.

But don’t just take our word for it…

Retail giants like Kroger, Narvar, and a top 3 global retailer (who unfortunately must remain nameless) have already made the leap to YugabyteDB. They’ve built business-critical microservices—including global product catalogs, shopping carts/lists, and payment systems—using YugabyteDB. Why? Because it supports both their hybrid and omnichannel customer journeys seamlessly and helps them reduce costs and innovate faster. With YugabyteDB as their data backbone, they’re not just matching customer expectations; they’re setting new ones.

YugabyteDB helps leading retailers:

Enhance Experiences

Quickly deliver personalized, high-value services to customers and employees.

Expand Profitability

Improve inventory management, lower overhead, and simplify operations.

Increase Flexibility

Eliminate cloud lock-in and other barriers to business expansion.

Modernize with Essential Database Features

YugabyteDB is the perfect fit for transactional applications that demand built-in resiliency, scalability, and consistently high performance. Deploy it anywhere—across hybrid clouds, public clouds, VMs, or containers—with no lock-in.

  1. PostgreSQL and Beyond—No Compromises

    Speed up your modernization efforts with YugabyteDB—a PostgreSQL database turbocharged for business-critical applications. We’ve eliminated traditional PostgreSQL constraints and updated your data layer, offering industry-leading PostgreSQL compatibility and enhanced performance for apps of any size. We’ve gone even further by adding advanced connection management, observability, and security—turbocharging PostgreSQL into the cloud native era.

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  2. Native Resilience and Flexible Disaster Recovery

    YugabyteDB ensures there are zero disruptions to your retail business, even during unplanned failures and/or planned maintenance. Meet and even exceed your SLAs, as your data stays available across zones, regions, and data centers.

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  3. Horizontal Scalability For Peak Business Periods

    Begin small and effortlessly scale data, connections, reads, writes, and transactions. Whether it’s expected or unexpected—Black Friday or Cyber Monday—YugabyteDB excels under pressure, seamlessly scaling out or up without sacrificing performance. Then it easily scales back down to help you manage costs.

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  4. Global-Ready Application Blueprints

    To reach a global customer base, you will need to build and deploy applications that need to store/access/update data across different regions. With YugabyteDB, you can distribute data for low latency, architect for resiliency, or keep everything local for compliance. Utilize asynchronous or synchronous replication to optimize deployments and offer fast, seamless shopping experiences globally.

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  5. Enterprise-Grade Capabilities

    Deploy your business-critical applications with confidence. YugabyteDB offers the capabilities that retailers need to be successful, including simplified migrations, reliable data protection, monitoring and alerting, and backward compatibility across upgrades. Advanced, built-in security protects data with end-to-end encryption, role-based access controls (RBAC), row-level security, and more.

  6. Rock-Solid Transactional Consistency

    Experience robust, distributed, multi-row ACID transactions—essential for retail and ecommerce—with YugabyteDB. It natively ensures strong consistency in the data layer, eliminating the burden of managing it at the application level. The result is that product catalogs and online stores always show accurate inventory.

  7. Operational Efficiency and Flexibility

    Opt for YugabyteDB Managed and experience a fully-managed DBaaS that speeds up adoption and offloads your team’s operational work. Or deploy the Yugabyte database across any cloud, anywhere in the world, effortlessly with YugabyteDB Anywhere’s advanced orchestration and automation capabilities. It’s the self-managed DBaaS that you can closely control.

Why Top Retailers Embrace YugabyteDB

Discover how leading retailers use YugabyteDB to update their data layer, enhancing customer and employee experiences while boosting business flexibility, security, and efficiency.

Kroger Expands App Modernization Initiatives to Support Digital Channels

KrogerKroger, the leading US supermarket in terms of revenue, operates over 2,750 supermarkets and multi-department stores. Its digital channel has been the fastest growing part of the business in recent years, driving the need for flexible, new services, like buying online and picking up in-store (BOPIS).

As part of its digital transformation initiative, Kroger needed to modernize its aging technology. The company shifted to a microservices-based architecture running in a hybrid cloud environment. With hundreds of microservices and service-backed experiences, scalability, and availability became crucial. The company also favored commercial open-source software that offered flexibility when choosing cloud environments.

We have been leveraging YugabyteDB as the distributed SQL database running natively inside Kubernetes to power the business-critical apps that require scale and high availability.
— Mahesh Thyagarajan, VP Engineering, Kroger

Kroger opted for YugabyteDB due to its market-leading capabilities, including distributed ACID transactions, automatic data sharding, and scalability. The database’s multi-region active-active deployments are resilient, and its support for multiple APIs (PostgreSQL and Cassandra) was an added advantage. YugabyteDB clusters are deployed across multiple regions, achieving single-digit millisecond latency through synchronous replication. Additionally, clusters deployed in different regions use bi-directional asynchronous replication, ensuring low latencies for Kroger’s shopping list application.

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Top 3 Global Retailer Powers Massive Product Catalog

Best transactional database for ecommerce websitesA leading American retail corporation with a global chain of stores and a sizable ecommerce platform was in search of a new database for its online product identification service. This critical service is responsible for uniquely identifying millions of products and their combinations in the online catalog used both by the retailer and their third-party sellers.

Key requirements included resiliency, high availability, and cost-effective, scalable performance. The ability to deploy the database in any cloud in a geo-distributed topology across regions and countries was also important. Finally, they needed to support multi-key ACID transactions and alternate key lookups.

The retailer had previously migrated from Oracle to Cassandra to better handle exponential data growth and performance needs. However, the lack of distributed transactions and core relational database capabilities in Cassandra forced them to implement one-to-one and many-to-one bidirectional indexes in the application layer which increased complexity in that layer and slowed down service launches. Several other databases, including Azure CosmosDB and Azure Cloud SQL, were evaluated, but fell short in performance and resilience.

By choosing YugabyteDB, they got everything they were looking for—linear/horizontal scale with could keep up with product growth, open source licensing, cloud-agnostic geo-distributed deployment, resilience, and robust RDBMS capabilities like multi-row ACID transactions and alternate key lookups. With YugabyteDB, the retailer now effectively manages a catalog of over 100 million items, efficiently fielding more than 100,000 queries per second.

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Narvar Lowers Total Cost by 4x Over AWS Databases

Narvar company logoNarvar provides a customer experience SaaS platform used by over 800 retailers including Sephora, Patagonia, and Home Depot to provide personalized experiences—from pre-purchase to in-store and beyond.

As Narvar grew, their AWS databases quickly became extremely expensive at scale. At the same time, customer and data privacy regulations around the world demanded a multi-cloud solution.

Yugabyte helped Narvar avoid cloud lock-in, stay GDPR compliant, and save money in the process. Partnering with Yugabyte helps us focus on our customers instead of worrying if our systems can keep pace with our rapidly growing business.
— Ram Ravichandran, CTO, Narvar

Narvar began the search for an open-source, cloud native database that supported multi-cloud and multi-region deployments and offered simple, self-managed DBaaS operations. Key criteria included high performance, easy scaling, and consistent cost-per-query.

Narvar selected YugabyteDB, reducing their total cost of ownership (TCO) by 4x while improving scale and performance—ensuring zero downtime in the process. There were no service disruptions during spikes in traffic, and Narvar is now able to support multiple clouds as per customer needs.

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