Best Distributed SQL Books for a Cloud Native World

Monolithic SQL databases have limitations that pose a major risk for cloud-native applications that require continuous availability and scalability. Distributed SQL databases exist on multiple servers, allowing them to scale horizontally for increased workloads and transfer workloads in the case of outages.

To the cloud applications and to the developers creating those applications there is no difference between SQL and distributed SQL. There is simply the language of SQL.  Check out our library of distributed SQL and SQL books to learn more.

Distributed SQL Databases for Dummies


Organizations looking to modernize and monetize their data layer need an agile, cloud-native SQL database that aligns with their cloud infrastructure and microservices-based application architecture. Distributed SQL is an ideal database solution.

Discover more about distributed SQL in this Yugabyte special edition Dummies eBook and find out how your business can leverage this highly scalable, strongly consistent, and highly resilient geo-distributed database.

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Migrating from Monolithic SQL to Cloud Native Distributed SQL


Many companies are migrating their mission-critical applications to modern microservices architectures built on top of cloud infrastructures.

However, monolithic SQL-based relational databases are not set-up for these dynamic environments as they are architecturally monolithic and run on a single node on top of specialized, costly hardware.

This eBook examines why a cloud native distributed SQL database is better placed to meet the demands of modern, dynamic environments.

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New Retail Era: Five Ways to Grow with a Modern Data Layer


Monolithic SQL and NoSQL databases in retail are hindering innovation due to tradeoffs between data consistency, scalability, and reliability. Retailers need a data layer that can power services like order management, pricing, and inventory without sacrificing data consistency, scalability, cost, or flexibility.

That’s why leading retailers are adopting Yugabyte’s distributed multi-cloud SQL database, which provides resilience, security, scalability, and data consistency for both existing and new cloud-native applications.

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Additional SQL Resources

Infographic: Evolution of the Transactional SQL Database


Choosing the right database from the hundreds of SQL databases on the market can be daunting. But fear not, we have you covered!

Take a journey with us through the origins of SQL, NoSQL, and NewSQL.Discover how each evolved and how this led to distributed SQL, the rapidly-growing database category designed specifically for born in the cloud applications.

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