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Why YugabyteDB Managed is the Effortless Distributed SQL Database

Michael Haag

YugabyteDB Managed (formerly Yugabyte Cloud) is a fully managed offering of the YugabyteDB database. It delivers the power of distributed SQL with the ease of use of a database-as-a-service. Developers can create and connect to this infinitely scalable, resilient Cassandra and PostgreSQL compatible database in minutes with zero operational overhead. YugabyteDB Managed makes running YugabyteDB in any cloud effortless, whether you’re building a new application or managing millions of transactions per day with several terabytes of data under management.

YugabyteDB is the database of choice for organizations building cloud native applications that demand a highly scalable and resilient modern architecture. Developers love YugabyteDB for its Postgres compatibility, linear scalability, and resilience but don’t want to worry about the infrastructure, operations, and toil of DBA tasks. Not all enterprises have the expertise, knowledge, or bandwidth to oversee all the functions and understand all of the intricacies of running distributed databases in cloud environments. That’s why developers now love YugabyteDB Managed. They can focus on building the modern cloud native applications that help them innovate and grow their business and not manage infrastructure.

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What YugabyteDB Managed Can Help You Achieve

Instant productivity with a simple intuitive design

Focus on building great applications while Yugabyte manages the day-to-day database operations. This database-as-a-service applies industry best practices to securely manage your infrastructure and database, offering daily backups, non-disruptive software upgrades, continuous availability, database usage monitoring, logging, auditing, identity and access management, data encryption, and key rotation.

With a few simple clicks, you will get a distributed database in the cloud provider and region of your choice, provisioned appropriately for your application’s needs. No more manual sharding, backups, upgrades, and monitoring. As a distributed database, YugabyteDB offers the highest availability, and YugabyteDB Managed takes care of hardware failures automatically. Our global support team receives notifications about any issues with your distributed database before you do. You can make full use of the cloud’s elasticity by scaling your cluster up or down with just a few clicks; YugabyteDB Managed takes care of the rest. The whole time your database stays available and operational.

World-class operations with years of operational expertise as a service

The brain behind YugabyteDB Managed orchestration, backups, monitoring, upgrades, and alerting is the same YugabyteDB Orchestration Engine that powers YugabyteDB Anywhere, which is used by Fortune 500 companies to manage some of their biggest and most demanding mission-critical workloads. YugabyteDB Managed is built on the years of operational experience that our team has gathered working with thousands of customers.

The Yugabyte engineering team has a wealth of expertise in architecting, tuning, and distributed database operations. We’ve faced and fixed countless legacy database issues, managed high-scale deployments, upgraded thousands of clusters without any downtime, and, in doing so, achieved operational excellence for our customers. You can rely on the experienced cloud operations team at Yugabyte to keep your data safe with industry-leading best practices.

Freedom to deploy in the public cloud with global availability

YugabyteDB Managed abstracts away the underlying cloud complexities, giving you the freedom to build a cloud-agnostic operational model and manage a database across different cloud providers. You can deploy YugabyteDB Managed globally to any of the regions of the chosen cloud provider. This reduces latency, improves resiliency, and helps you comply with critical data residency regulations.

We want to enable your developers to move faster, not slow them down with the worry of cloud vendor lock-in and the burden of a complex migration process. YugabyteDB Managed can be deployed on your choice of AWS and GCP today, and in the future we plan to support Azure deployments as well.

Deploy with confidence with security by design

One of the friction points for organizations—particularly in security-sensitive and regulated industries—concerns data loss, theft, and privacy. When companies contemplate cloud adoption, they correctly focus on the negative impacts these can have. Built with security-by-design principles as outlined in the Yugabyte Security and Trust Center, YugabyteDB Managed enforces security best practices, regardless of which cloud providers and regions you choose to use.

YugabyteDB Managed protects your clusters and cloud infrastructure by automatically employing highly secure encryption in transit and encryption at rest. YugabyteDB Managed also provides DDoS and application-layer protection by automatically defending network protocol and volumetric DDoS attacks. For network isolation, YugabyteDB Managed allows dedicated VPCs and IP allowlists for accepting connections from trusted IP addresses only. Additional features such as identity and access management, database access logging, auditing, and role-based access control, ensure you get best-in-class data security via intuitive admin controls. For more security information, refer to our YugabyteDB Managed security architecture documentation.

Achieve more with YugabyteDB Managed elastic pricing

YugabyteDB Managed’s pricing is straightforward, based on the number of vCPUs. You can choose between pay-as-you-go pricing or an annual subscription option depending on your needs. To make it even more effortless to get started, Yugabyte offers a perpetual free Sandbox tier of the YugabyteDB Managed. For more pricing information, refer to the YugabyteDB Managed Standard Price List.

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Michael Haag

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