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Yugabyte Raises a $30 Million Series B

Kannan Muthukkaruppan

Founder & President

It is my pleasure to announce that Yugabyte has raised $30 million in an oversubscribed Series B funding round led by 8VC, with participation from Wipro Ventures and existing investors, Lightspeed and Dell Technologies Capital. Bhaskar Ghosh from 8VC joins our board of directors along with Scott Yara, formerly of Greenplum and Pivotal Software. We are truly excited to partner with Bhaskar Ghosh and the dynamic team at 8VC, as well as Venu Pemmaraju and Wipro on our mission to simplify the database tier for modern applications and help enterprises move to the cloud without lock in.

“Legacy source-of-truth databases form the beating heart of enterprises, and their movement to the cloud has just begun. This massive market deserves a product as beautifully architected and operable as the Yugabyte platform, and as formidable a team led by developer legends as Kannan, Karthik and Mikhail. 8VC’s mission is to support exceptional technical entrepreneurs who are building transformational technologies that will enable the next-generation of smart data-driven enterprises. I cannot think of anybody better positioned to be a leader in this space than Yugabyte and the 8VC team is excited to be part of its journey to transform the enterprise.”
— Bhaskar Ghosh, Partner & CTO, 8VC

You can read the full press release, or check out the coverage in TechCrunch, ZDNet, and SiliconANGLE.

It has been an exciting few weeks for Team Yugabyte with Bill Cook joining us as our new CEO and Business Insider recognizing us as one of the startups poised to thrive in 2020. At the same time, the broader environment around us is nothing to be excited about. The simultaneous eruption of a deadly pandemic, racial injustice, and record-high unemployment is unprecedented. We are following recommended safety practices, remain forever true to our “equality for all” pledge, and are hiring — we welcome all to apply. The rest of this post is a reflection of the opportunity that lies ahead of us.

Since the company’s founding, we have been focused on building a best-in-class distributed SQL database for the cloud. This round of funding validates our focus and shows that world-class investors also recognize the growing market demand for a revolutionary distributed SQL database like YugabyteDB. Organizations are migrating to the cloud at an unprecedented pace to run their businesses more efficiently. Further, IDC predicts that 2021 will be the “year of multi-cloud” with many organizations accelerating digital transformation initiatives due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

With worldwide DBMS revenue continuing to grow ($46 billion by 2018 estimates) and Oracle Database adoption for new applications in terminal decline, YugabyteDB is serving the immediate market need for a 100% open source, high-performance relational database that can run on any cloud or Kubernetes environment, without the risk of vendor lock in from the proprietary databases of the cloud providers.

yugabytedb distributed sql high performance open source cloud native database

We have seen explosive growth in the adoption of YugabyteDB over the past year. There has been a 4x increase in clusters deployed, a 13x increase in Slack users, and a 3x increase in GitHub stars. We couldn’t have grown at such a high velocity without our amazing community of users, contributors, and enterprise customers.

“We started by using YugabyteDB to store the global user data of all our customers. Given its impressive performance with single-digit millisecond latencies for read queries in our multi-region deployment across three continents, we’re now planning to move all of our business-critical data to YugabyteDB.”
— James Hartig, Co-Founder, Admiral

Accolades like the above speak to the incredible work the team has been doing. While we’re delighted with the rapid rise in YugabyteDB production deployments across many innovative companies thus far, we are only getting started in our mission to simplify data infrastructure for modern cloud applications. This new round of funding will allow us to scale YugabyteDB adoption to the next level by accelerating our investments in R&D, sales, support, and marketing.

Most exciting to me is that the best is yet to come! Join us on our ambitious mission. To learn more about our open positions, please visit our careers page!

yugabeings small group series b blog post image

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Kannan Muthukkaruppan

Founder & President

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