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Register Now for Distributed SQL Summit Asia, 2023!

Rachel Pescador

We are excited to be back again this year for our virtual Distributed SQL Summit (DSS) Asia event, taking place on March 28th.

DSS Asia is a free, virtual event giving executives and techies the opportunity to share use cases, best practices, and real world examples of building cloud native applications and driving database modernization with distributed SQL.

With three tailored talk tracks—Technology, Japan, and Customers & Partners—there’s something for everyone, no matter your technical know-how or experience level.

So, if you’re keen to learn more about database modernization, distributed SQL, and YugabyteDB, the Distributed SQL Summit Asia is for you!

The full schedule is now live!

We have an amazing lineup of talks by industry-leading speakers from companies like Tokopedia, Airwallex, Novopay, Red Hat, Mindgate, Yugabyte, and many more!

Below are some of the upcoming session highlights:

Solving Multi-Region Data Read and Write Challenges in Cross-Border Payments

Historically, conducting multi-region data read and write operations for cross-border payments has been slow and complex due to traditional database system limitations. How can you solve this problem? Join Database Architect, Feixiang Zhao from Airwallex as he shares real-world cross-border payment insights and experiences and details the benefits of using a distributed SQL database.

Leveraging a Distributed SQL Database at Tokopedia: Best Practices and Lessons Learned

Join Tokopedia’s Technical Architect, Felix Christian Jonathan, and Yugabyte’s Head of Solutions Engineering, Vish Phaneedra, for a discussion on best practices and their experience leveraging a cloud native database like YugabyteDB. Discover how the team overcame challenges, the benefits of using a multi-model and distributed database, and the impact it has had on their development and engineering teams.

Building a Scalable and Performant SaaS Platform with YugabyteDB

Modernizing your database can be painful. The wrong database choice can have a negative impact on your customers and your business. Join Chief Architect Manoj Mathew of Novopay as he shares how a persistent data layer impacts the performance and scalability of a distributed system. We’ll examine how YugabyteDB can help you overcome these challenges.

Increase App Modernization Success with Red Hat Open Shift and YugabyteDB

For many organizations app modernization is a key area of focus, allowing them to maximize the benefits of their cloud investments. Join Red Hat’s Ahilan Ponnusamy as he discusses how Red Hat Open Shift and YugabyteDB can help organizations improve on app modernization success. The session will cover the cloud native development and deployment capabilities provided by modern application platforms, plus the growing popularity of distributed SQL databases.

Additional Information on DSS Asia 2023

We’ve only featured a small selection of the sessions taking place at DSS Asia on the 28th March – check out the full schedule here and register today! Hope to see you there!

Rachel Pescador

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