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Announcing Distributed SQL Summit Asia Registration Is Now Open!

Michelle Brinich

Earlier this year, we held the second annual Distributed SQL Summit, a free online conference to push the boundaries of cloud native RDBMS forward. (You can view all the talks on our Vimeo channel) Attendee feedback was very positive, the engagement level was high, and the talks were amazing! We heard the request from several community members to take the show on the (virtual) road to other timezones to make it easier to join live.

In response to these requests, we are pleased to announce Distributed SQL Summit Asia, taking place January 20-22, 2021 from 10am-3pm India Standard Time / GMT+5:30 each day. January 20 is a Workshop Day, and January 21-22 are Conference Days. You can learn more about the Summit and register here.

The speakers at Distributed SQL Summit Asia will include:

  • VMware – Michael James, Partner Solutions Architect, and Prasad Bopardikar, Manager, Partner Solutions Architecture
  • CAST AI  – Laurent Gil, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer
  • Astronomer – Viraj Parekh, Head of Field Engineering, and Pete DeJoy, Product Manager
  • Wipro Digital – Brenesh Stanslas Flower Mary, Senior Architect
  • InfraCloud – Bhavin Gandhi, Software Engineer, and Anjul Sahu, Solution Architect
  • Xignite – Qin Yu, VP of Engineering
  • Liquibase – Dan Zentgraf, Director of Solutions Architecture
  • Virtusa – Praveen Kumar Purushothaman, Full Stack JavaScript Specialist
  • Hasura – Shraddha Agrawal, Engineer, Cloud Infrastructure

More speakers are being announced regularly, so the Summit website is where to look for the most up-to-date speaker lineup.

Sampling of speakers at Distributed SQL Summit Asia 2021

What is the Distributed SQL Summit Asia?

The Distributed SQL Summit Asia is a free online conference to push the boundaries of cloud native RDBMS forward. The event brings together thought leaders, database builders, and application developers to discuss how to leverage distributed SQL systems to build applications and services in the cloud.

Topics include:

  • How to modernize legacy applications when moving to the cloud
  • How to design applications to leverage the distinctive features of distributed SQL databases
  • How to migrate from a traditional RDBMS to a distributed database
  • Best practices for running distributed SQL databases in production environments, including how to achieve high availability, high performance, and operational ease

With Distributed SQL Summit Asia, we aim to accomplish these goals:

  • A place to learn: The Summit provides an educational forum to foster learning related to distributed databases across various topics such as the driving forces behind the evolution of these databases, the practical problems that are being solved, and real-world migration journeys to these architectures.
  • A place to exchange ideas: You can hear insights from developers, users, platform architects, and database enthusiasts. There’s a live chat during each session — ask questions, share your experiences, and take part in the conversation.

Who Should Attend Distributed SQL Summit Asia?

The Summit is for anyone interested in distributed databases, including application developers, data engineers, database builders, DBAs, architects, DevOps, and IT decision makers (VP of Infrastructure, VP of Engineering, etc.). If you are curious about how and why distributed databases are rising in popularity, and the benefits they provide, then this conference is for you!

What’s Next?

If you’re curious what to expect at Distributed SQL Summit Asia, you can check out the video presentations from our previous Summit event, which should be representative of the level of technical depth and variety of topics covered.

Also, more speakers will be announced over time, so visit the event website for the most current list.

Join the YugabyteDB Slack channel in #announcements to be among the first to find out when the schedule is live.

And finally, see you in January!

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Michelle Brinich

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