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Effortlessly Manage Your Multi-Cloud Environment with Yugabyte’s Cloud Resource Cleanup

Mohammed Lareb Zafar

In the fast-paced world of cloud computing, managing resources can be a complex and time-consuming task.

To address this challenge, Yugabyte introduced cloud resource cleanup (CRC), an open-source command line tool designed to help you streamline and optimize the management of your multi-cloud infrastructure.

Support for Multiple Cloud Providers

With support for AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, CRC is the ideal tool for organizations that rely on multiple cloud platforms.

Written in Python, the tool utilizes the SDKs provided by each platform to identify and delete resources that are no longer required. This results in cost savings, reduced security risks, and a more streamlined and efficient cloud environment.

CRC Key Features That Streamline Resource Management

  • Dry Run Mode: Preview resources that match your criteria without actually performing any operations on them.
  • Slack Notifications: Receive notifications on your Slack channel about the execution of the script.
  • InfluxDB Support: Collect data on the execution of the script by specifying a connection to InfluxDB.
  • Age-based Filtering: Filter resources based on their age, considering the timezone.
  • Tag-based filtering: Choose to include resources with specific tags.
  • UnTagged-based filtering: Option to delete resources that don’t have specified tags.
  • Keep Tagged resources: Option to keep resources that have specific tags.

AWS Support

CRC supports the following features for AWS:

  • Delete Orphan Elastic IPs
  • Delete Orphan Key Pairs
  • Delete VMs (including attached resources such as Volumes and NICs)
  • Stop VMs

Azure Support

CRC provides the following features for Azure:

  • Delete Orphan Disks
  • Delete VMs (and attached NICs)
  • Delete Orphan Public IPs
  • Stop VMs

Google Cloud Support

CRC provides the following features for Google Cloud (also known as Google Cloud Platform or GCP):

  • Delete Orphan IPs
  • Delete VMs (including attached resources such as Volumes and NICs)
  • Stop VMs


Cloud-resource-cleanup (CRC) is a comprehensive tool that simplifies management of cloud resources across AWS, Azure, and GCP. Thanks to its powerful features and ease of use, tech teams are able to effectively manage cloud resources so they can shift their focus to other important tasks.

Take the first step towards a more efficient and secure multi-cloud environment and try CRC today!

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Mohammed Lareb Zafar

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