Download “Distributed SQL for Dummies” to Discover the Next Generation of Databases

Christiane Soto

Businesses today can only succeed if they capitalize on the power of their data.

This data provides insight into their customers, buying trends, and even additional revenue streams. But to leverage that data organizations need an agile, cloud native database. One that’s not only fast and secure but that also supports modern cloud infrastructures and application architectures without locking you into a single vendor.

Check out Distributed SQL for Dummies (a Yugabyte special edition) and discover the benefits of a distributed SQL database and why it offers a scalable, highly available, secure, and flexible cloud native solution for a wide range of industries and use cases.

Introducing Distributed SQL

Distributed SQL for Dummies details how older, monolithic databases struggle to keep up with today’s cloud-based apps. It explores newer database solutions (like NoSQL and NewSQL) and why they struggle with data consistency and scalability. It also discusses the benefits of distributed SQL and how it helps organizations take full advantage of today’s cloud technology. A short recap of some of the themes of this eBook is detailed below.

Achieving a Data-Driven Business

Companies need to establish a strong data foundation to successfully focus on application development.

Your database needs to deliver top-notch performance and consistent transactions while effectively supporting various deployments across multiple cloud setups.

In a world where app demand can skyrocket (or plummet) in a heartbeat, your database should be able to scale up and down just as fast. This ensures you never miss out on “blink and you’ll miss it” opportunities and save on operational overheads.

Upholding Robust Database Reliability

Your transactional database is critical and needs to remain available in just about any disaster scenario. Crucially, it also needs to recover quickly and automatically if a server goes down.

Every minute a database remains down can result in hundreds of thousands of dollars of lost revenue, plus unhappy customers (who are likely to be vocal about their less-than-stellar experience).

Balancing Security and Flexibility

Security is crucial to all modern applications throughout the development process, product rollout, and business as usual.

This is especially true for the data layer which comprises the data at rest and data in transit required to complete database functions.

Unlock Insights with Distributed SQL for Dummies

This new Dummies ebook from YugabyteDB provides an introduction to distributed SQL and details how it enables organizations to unlock new cloud capabilities including:

  • Horizontal scalability
  • Strong consistency
  • Continuous availability and resiliency
  • Global distribution
  • Dynamic workload optimization
  • Flexible hybrid and multi-cloud deployment
Christiane Soto

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