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Justuno provides Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) for websites to help retailers increase their revenue an average of 135% in the first year of using the software.

Enabling personalized onsite messaging, intelligent cross-selling and upselling visitors demands single-digit latency and high availability, Justuno previously relied on a variety of databases including CockroachDB, but its poor performance became a liability.

YugabyteDB enabled Justuno to consolidate their database sprawl,

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At a glance

Turvo provides the world’s first real-time collaborative logistics platform, enabling carriers, shippers, and brokers work together simply and seamlessly.

Tracking all the data – from trucks, to shipments and assets – requires ingesting and making available a large volume of time-series data with absolute reliability and impossibly low latency.

The previous MongoDB solution became a “flare-up” crisis and couldn’t scale with the growing dataset. Turvo chose YugabyteDB for its massive scale,

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