The Schedule Is Now Live for Distributed SQL Summit Asia!

Michelle Brinich

Last month, we officially announced the Distributed SQL Summit Asia virtual event, taking place Jan 20 – 22 in India Standard Time.

We have an amazing lineup of talks by industry-leading speakers from innovative companies including: Astronomer, Buoyant, CAST AI, Hasura, Infosys, InfraCloud,, Liquibase, Manetu, Virtusa, VMware, Weaveworks, Wipro, and Xignite.

You can find all the talks here on the schedule, and summarized below.

While current events are full of lowlights, it’s our hope that continuing with the event as planned with the extraordinary speakers and inspirational talks can be a highlight for those of you looking to invest in your professional development and continue expanding your knowledge of building modern, cloud native, distributed systems. Join us!

Distributed SQL Summit Asia Schedule at a Glance

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll see at the Distributed SQL Summit Asia:

  • Day 1: Workshop Day, Jan 20 India Standard Time: The first day of the conference is a Workshop Day, offering hands on exercises around building cloud native applications; DBAs and operators who need to achieve zero downtime, survive failures, and perform day 2 operations seamlessly; and anyone who wants to move from a traditional RDBMS to cloud native distributed SQL.
  • Days 2 & 3: Conference Days, Jan 21 – 22 India Standard Time: Conference sessions take place on these days, including informative sessions by leaders and technologists discussing the evolution of databases inside their companies leading up to their adoption of distributed SQL. You’ll also hear real-world migration journeys from experts who have “been there done that” when moving from traditional relational databases to distributed SQL. Themes across talks include achieving internet-scale, operational ease, high performance, and complementary technologies across the ecosystem that help you make the most out of your distributed architecture.

Join Us!

If you want to learn, exchange ideas, and see what distributed SQL is all about, then the Distributed SQL Virtual Summit Asia is for you. Check out the full schedule and customize your agenda so you are able to participate in the sessions you find most interesting and actionable.

See you there!

DSS Asia Schedule Live Image 1

Michelle Brinich

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