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, and Dennis Beng

Centralized Cloud Computing International (CCCI) is a trailblazer in the Philippines IT sector. It delivered the country’s first full IT outsourcing project, the development of a banking industry chatbot, and it became the Philippines’ premier Managed Service Provider for Kaspersky Lab.

CCCI’s expertise in transforming information infrastructure through practical solutions and automation bridges the gap between today’s needs and tomorrow’s technological advancements. Their services and products span technology consulting, application development, system integration, and more. This is underpinned by market-leading technologies, including YugabyteDB, HTML, JavaScript, Node.js, and Kubernetes.

CCCI’s diverse clientele demand adaptability and expertise to meet their IT demands.

CCCI is committed to agile methodologies, continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD), and collaborative planning to deliver high-performing, reliable, and innovative solutions for clients, including one of the world’s leading luxury car manufacturers. CCCI offers a comprehensive range of services and solutions tailored to meet the evolving needs of the digital age, which include:

  • Technology Consulting: Expertise in planning IT infrastructures and developing innovative solutions.
  • Application Development: Advancing businesses with access to diverse online platforms and marketing channels.
  • Mobile Application Development: Creating user-friendly e-commerce platforms and applications.
  • DevSecOps: Integrating security into development and operations for enhanced application safety.
CCCI’s Technology Stack (sourced from the CCCI webpage)
CCCI’s Technology Stack (sourced from the CCCI webpage)

An Advanced Chatbot Solution to Optimize Customer Engagement

CCCI is building an advanced chatbot application for a leading global luxury car manufacturer. This chatbot serves as a 24×7 customer engagement platform, offering a range of self-service options. Its primary function is to automate numerous manual processes, including product inquiries, maintenance scheduling, and organizing test drives for the manufacturer’s high-end vehicles.

The key objectives of this chatbot include:

  • Cost Optimization: By automating routine inquiries and scheduling tasks, the chatbot aims to reduce operational costs.
  • Service Efficiency: It enhances customer experience by providing quick and accurate responses, streamlining the service process.
  • Data Collection for Future Planning: The chatbot gathers valuable customer interaction data, offering insights that assist in future business and service strategy development.

Technical Requirements for the Chatbot Application

Deployment: Single-region

Primary Database Requirements: High availability and on-demand horizontal scalability. CCCI needed to ensure the chatbot was always available for real-time user assistance and could handle increasing user interactions and data volumes without sacrificing performance levels.

Cloud Used: AWS (Amazon Web Services)

Cluster Size: 3 nodes

Workload Characteristics: Primarily read-heavy, catering to frequent data retrieval requests.

Replication Factor: 3

Additional Database Requirements:

  • Modern Application Development: Support for both SQL and NoSQL, offering flexibility in application development.
  • Simplified Management: Reduced operational burden and costs with automated database tasks like updates, patches, backups, and monitoring.
  • Robust Security: Protect user data and ensure they can meet compliance requirements.

Architecture Diagram:

Architecture for the Chatbot application using YugabyteDB Managed on AWS
Architecture for the Chatbot application using YugabyteDB Managed on AWS

Choosing YugabyteDB Managed on AWS for the Cloud-Based Chatbot Application

CCCI’s decision to implement YugabyteDB Managed on AWS was driven by the joint solutions ability to give CCCI:

  • Global Scalability and High Availability: YugabyteDB on AWS is designed for mission-critical applications requiring global reach and unwavering consistency. Its ability to withstand zone, region, and data center outages aligns perfectly with the high availability needs of CCCI’s Chatbot.
  • Always-On Services: Offering high resilience against node, zone, and region failures, YugabyteDB guarantees zero data loss and quick failover capabilities, crucial for the continuous operation of CCCI’s chatbot services.
  • Geo-Distributed Data: YugabyteDB provides versatile deployment options, including multi-zone and multi-region setups on AWS, ensuring data is geographically distributed and resilient.
  • Worry-Free Scaling: YugabyteDB’s architecture allows CCCI to scale from a small, single-zone cluster to a large, multi-region database, leveraging AWS’s extensive global footprint.
  • Hands-Free Operations: YugabyteDB Managed on AWS offers a hassle-free setup with no need for software installation, configuration, or management. This frees CCCI’s DevOps team to focus on application development rather than database maintenance.
  • Expand Services easily: Supporting modern application frameworks, YugabyteDB can be deployed in EC2 instances or containers using Kubernetes, ECS, EKS, and Lambda, providing flexibility for CCCI’s evolving technological landscape.
  • Reduce Costs: As the first Graviton Ready distributed SQL database, YugabyteDB on AWS Graviton-based EC2 instances reduces total ownership costs by up to 20%.
  • Native Security & Privacy: Partnering with AWS PrivateLink Service, YugabyteDB enhances the security and privacy of CCCI’s chatbot by connecting through the AWS Private Network to ensure secure and private data handling.

How YugabyteDB Managed Achieves High Availability and Scalability

  1. High Availability and Fault Tolerance
    The chatbot’s architecture is built upon YugabyteDB Managed and offers an uninterrupted database service, ensuring no data loss (RPO=0) and rapid recovery (RTO=~3s) during outages.With data replicated across fault domains and auto-healing capabilities, it ensures continuous availability and zero-downtime upgrades. Proven at scale, it is engineered to handle multiple simultaneous failures (from nodes to entire regions), ensuring robust, maintenance-free operations for mission-critical applications.

    CCCI Chatbot’s Resilient Database Architecture with Zero Data Loss and Rapid Recovery
    CCCI Chatbot’s Resilient Database Architecture with Zero Data Loss and Rapid Recovery
  2. Highly Scalable and Performant Clusters
    CCCI implemented YugabyteDB Managed on AWS to enhance the scalability of their customer’s chatbot application. They utilized horizontal scaling by adding nodes to the database cluster, which efficiently handled increased transactions, concurrent client connections, and large datasets.Vertical scaling was employed to non-disruptively upgrade the hardware of existing nodes, such as CPU, memory, and storage, while maintaining the number of nodes for operational simplicity.In YugabyteDB Managed, data is sharded into tablets across nodes, with automatic rebalancing and dynamic tablet splitting to optimize resource usage. This approach supports high transaction volumes, numerous client connections, large datasets, and geographically distributed data.

    Horizontal scaling, or adding more nodes, improves performance and cost-effectiveness. Vertical scaling, or enhancing existing node hardware, offers a limited but simpler scaling option. Depending on their needs and resources, a combination of both scaling methods can be deployed to meet performance and scalability objectives.

    The 150K Warehouse Benchmark was run on a universe scaled out to 75 nodes.
    The 150K Warehouse Benchmark was run on a universe scaled out to 75 nodes.

In Summary…

YugabyteDB Managed became the preferred choice for Centralized Cloud Computing International’s advanced chatbot application due to its on-demand scalability and high availability.

These key features enable CCCI to handle growing user interactions and data volumes and ensure their chatbot is always available for real-time user assistance. The database supports modern application development with dual SQL and NoSQL support while simplifying management through automated database tasks.

CCCI chose to deploy YugabyteDB Managed on AWS due to its seamless integration with YugabyteDB Managed, offering high availability, scalability, and robust security. AWS’s global infrastructure ensures consistent performance and data resilience across regions, critical for the chatbot’s always-on service. Finally, AWS’s comprehensive solutions simplify management, enhance privacy, and reduce costs, meeting CCCI’s goals for an efficient and secure customer engagement platform.

Discover about YugabyteDB Managed and the features highlighted in this case study through the following resources:

, and Dennis Beng

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