Leading By Example: Yugabyte’s Unique Culture of Trust

People Stories: Focused on Trust, Relationships, and Outcomes

Luke Sleeper

Most people spend one third of their life at work. Whether we realize it consciously or not, the workplace hugely influences our emotional, mental, and physical well-being. Fortunately, I can attest that my first year and a half at Yugabyte has only provided positive effects in each of these three areas. This is largely due to one of our three core values: trust. So out of our three core values—trust, relationships, and outcomes—why am I focusing on trust? Let me explain.

Life After College and My First Job

As I was navigating the interview process for my first post-college job, it dawned on me that I had two options: I could either adhere to an existing playbook, or I could play a role in creating a brand new playbook. So I continued my search with these two options in mind.  In fact, flipping between the two became a daily activity for me for almost an entire month. As a sales professional, there are pros and cons to both. However, in the end, I chose a job where I could help build a playbook. I chose to go to work at a new company where I could not only  help build their sales playbook but help others learn about this company and their product.

Life at Yugabyte

So what is Yugabyte? Well, at our core, we are a database company, but not just an ordinary one. We are a distributed SQL database company that looks to solve some of the most difficult technology problems and ensure that the revenue-generating systems operate at peak performance for some of the world’s largest (and smallest) companies. As a non-legacy technology, trust is at the cornerstone of our role as a trusted advisors to our customers. However, building that trust begins from within. From my first day at Yugabyte, I have felt empowered by the confidence my management and the entire leadership team has in me. This has fueled my creativity and motivated me to show that their trust was, indeed, well-placed.

How Trust Makes Yugabyte Unique

The leadership team at Yugabyte is made up of legends from the database and technology modernization field. Given this extensive expertise, it would be easy for them to dictate how things should be done, since they’ve already done it! However, the leadership team shares their knowledge generously and lead by example. They’ve created a culture where every individual’s voice is valued and heard.

Having a strong support system is a game changer for employees just starting their careers. That has certainly been the case for me. I appreciate being able to learn from my coworkers. Their expertise is invaluable. I recognize that not all tech environments are like this, so I feel fortunate to have started my career here.

So, while “building a playbook” is about figuring out how to be personally successful, the most important part of the process is ensuring our customers are successful. Building something that helps a business solve a problem, innovate, and grow is a uniquely gratifying experience. I’m thrilled to be part of that journey (trust me!)

Luke Sleeper

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