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Rangasayee Lalgudi Chandrasekaran

Yugabyte India’s team consists of skilled, empathetic, creative, and highly available (just like YugabyteDB!) individuals who serve our geo-distributed customers in the fast-growing Asia Pacific region. As the first product manager in the region, my mission is to closely collaborate with local customers and shape YugabyteDB Managed, our fully-managed DBaaS product, to meet their needs. If you have a few minutes, I would love to share my story and explain why I chose to join this terrific company and work on this game-changing distributed database.

My Journey to Yugabyte

2005: As a grad student, I biked to the nearby Circuit City in Phoenix at dawn on Black Friday (remember those days?). I returned home with five thumb drives that I could get for free if I went through a multi-step manual process (requiring paper, pen, stamps, and the US Postal Service).

2020: I purchased a heavily discounted smartphone in India during a two minute online flash sale (do you see the pattern?) from my work desk between meetings.

So, what made the second example a magical (and convenient) experience, and how was it achieved?

  • Technical Innovation: Transitioning from monolithic, relational databases to massively scalable databases with transaction support enabled the success of online flash sales. Without it, ensuring that everyone who bought a smartphone actually received one is improbable. However, this technology was still so operationally complex, only a few teams succeeded. One of those teams included Yugabyte’s founders who built YugabyteDB in 2016.
  • A Modern Database For a Modern World: YugabyteDB is a distributed SQL database, combining the attributes of a massively scalable database with geo-distribution capabilities. It has a relational PostgreSQL front end and significantly reduces operational complexity, providing exceptional experiences to its customer base.
  • Future-Proofing Your Technology: In an increasingly online and interconnected world, as data grows exponentially, cloud-native setups like Kubernetes are being used more and more to build new applications. As the cloud disruption of on-prem data centers reaches maturity, new experiences built at the edge are fostering new value networks, including but not limited to, IoT applications, and fleet management.
  • Open Source: Yugabyte bucked the trend of other companies around the same time changing to open core or proprietary licenses. I admired and agreed with Yugabyte’s stance that open source software and for-profit motives are not at odds with each other. I have followed the company ever since, watching Yugabyte’s swift growth and admirable execution.

YugabyteDB combines all of these elements to deliver exceptional experiences today, and is well-positioned to deliver them in the years ahead. The company operates in the fastest growing technology segment (database platform-as-a-service) of an $80B market (database management systems) according to the Gartner MQ for Cloud Database Management Systems 2022.

The Interview Process and the Team

During the interview process, I was introduced to a highly-skilled team, with expertise building distributed systems and databases. Since joining Yugabyte, I’ve learned that the “inside of the aircraft” looks pretty good, with a culture built on trust between motivated team members! Combined with insightful contributions from the YugabyteDB open source community, this team is going places! I feel grateful and lucky to be part of it.

The Yugabyte Product

YugabyteDB fulfills the cloud’s promise of virtually unlimited scale, fault tolerance, high availability, geo-distribution, and strong consistency.* It also leans into new value networks in edge computing environments that require low latency with high fault tolerance.

Customers can choose the consumption model that suits them best:

  1. YugabyteDB— a 100% open source database with enterprise database features
  2. YugabyteDB Anywhere‚a self-managed DBaaS deployment in private, public or hybrid cloud
  3. YugabyteDB Managed—a fully-managed service running in the cloud

Explore recent YugabyteDB success stories for practical use cases.

*Subject to CAP Theorem. YugabyteDB is a CP system.

The Future is YugabyteDB

So, this is how I came to join Yugabyte, and why I believe YugabyteDB is the future. I’m excited to be the first product manager in India and can’t wait to deliver outsized outcomes, and form strong relationships with my talented team members and the entire YugabyteDB community.

Interested in joining our talented, globally distributed, and diverse team? Check out our careers page for all the latest open roles in India, and across the world.

Rangasayee Lalgudi Chandrasekaran

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