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INSERT INTO Yugabyte (We’re Hiring, October 2020 Edition)

Michelle Brinich

Recent Highlights and Happenings

It’s time for another monthly hiring blog post from the Yugabyte team! Although 2020 remains difficult in many ways both nationally and globally, it’s our hope that sharing this information and our currently open positions may be some good news to some of you at a time when it’s needed most.

Since our last post, we have had some very exciting events and announcements, including these highlights …

Get the Playbacks from the 2nd Annual Distributed SQL Summit

September 15-17 we held the 2nd annual Distributed SQL Summit (first-ever in a virtual format). It was an action-packed three days of workshops, keynotes, and sessions by industry-leading leading companies such as VMware, Trifacta, Twitter, Pinterest, Rakuten Mobile, Hasura, Kroger, and many more. (The dance party was fun, too!) If you want to watch your favorite sessions again, or catch up on what you might have missed, you can find the full Distributed SQL Summit video collection here. Here’s a sample video from the collection, How Censys Scales to Billions of Internet Observations per Day:


Justuno Chooses YugabyteDB Consolidate Multiple SQL & NoSQL Databases

We are so happy to welcome Justuno as a Yugabyte customer! 🙌 🤗 🚀

The Justuno application has a lot of data and demands high performance and low latency, which is why YugabyteDB was a natural fit. But don’t take our word for it, here’s what Justuno CTO Travis Logan had to say:

We store a massive amount of data, and our database needs to be able to handle a high level of operations per second with almost zero latency so that we can serve personalized promotions to website visitors and optimize conversions for our customers. YugabyteDB has the high performance and SQL features we need, while also making it easy to scale horizontally, which is essential for our business as we prepare for the holiday season (the busiest time for e-commerce merchants using Justuno).

Read the blog post to learn more.

Heroku Add-on for Yugabyte Cloud Now Available in Public Beta

We were pleased to announce the public beta release of the Heroku Yugabyte Cloud add-on. With new accessibility to the Heroku marketplace, the process of deploying a fully-managed distributed SQL database in the cloud is now radically simple. The Heroku add-on integrates Yugabyte Cloud seamlessly with Heroku, a popular developer PaaS. It allows developers to use YugabyteDB as the system-of-record database for any of their Heroku apps. Through the add-on, Heroku users can quickly have their YugabyteDB running on AWS and GCP (Azure coming soon!). Using it is just as easy as you expect from any PaaS: simply add the add-on dependency to your Heroku app, and you’re good to go! More good news: part of this beta release, the other feature we announced during this beta is Yugabyte Cloud Shell.

You Can Now Use Envoy Proxy’s PostgreSQL & TCP Filters to Collect Yugabyte SQL Statistics

Envoy is a very exciting technology and we were delighted that the latest v1.15 release from July 2020 added a PostgreSQL proxy filter. Because YugabyteDB is fully compatible with the PostgreSQL wire protocol and SQL syntax, YugabyteDB is able to leverage the PostgreSQL filter from Envoy without any modifications whatsoever. We published a blog post that outlines the instructions to run the most basic YugabyteDB with Envoy setup (including the PostgreSQL & TCP filters) using Docker Compose.

Due to COVID-19, we remain fully virtual in all aspects of our work, including recruiting. Because in-person meetings are restricted, we looked for ways to bring to life what it’s like to work at Yugabyte. In the spirit of doing so, we will introduce a Yugabeing in our hiring posts so you can learn about what it’s like to work here directly from the talented people who have already joined us on our ambitious mission. With that, here’s an introduction to Jamal Wilson.

Meet Jamal Wilson, Lead Development Representative

Jamal Wilson Yugabeing

Q: Where are you based?

SF Bay Area

Q: What do you do at Yugabyte?

I am accountable for content creation and bringing prospective customers to learn more about our (awesome!) open source, distributed SQL database.

Q: What’s one great thing about working at Yugabyte?

Every Oracle customer is developing a strategy about how to use less, not more Oracle products in the coming years. Distributed SQL is a technology many companies are shortlisting to help them execute this strategy. With YugabyteDB being 100% open source, distributed by design, and with the most complete set of SQL features compared to any other distributed SQL vendor, YuagbyteDB is looking to be in the right place at the right time as more and more companies start to make the switch. It feels exhilarating working here at such an exciting time!

Q: What positions are currently open on your team?

We are currently looking for Developer Advocates who empathize with community members, love to share knowledge, and are curious. You can find much more information on the Developer Advocate role at Yugabyte in this post.

Q: When you aren’t working what are you up to?

I enjoy spending time with friends & family whether it be going to local events or recreational activities, which of course we do safely and responsibly, given the current environment. I also enjoy working out and staying fit.

Q: What was it like onboarding during the pandemic? How are you settling in so far?

Due to COVID, onboarding has definitely a different experience. Usually the first few days are spent shaking hands, meeting everyone, going out to lunch with the team, etc. But now you are at home, trying to get a sense of company culture. Thankfully everyone has made an effort to introduce themselves and offer up any assistance they can, which made me feel welcomed and eased me into the company. I’m settling in pretty nicely; Yugabyte provided me with everything I needed to be successful and uses the leading technologies I’m used to so the ramp-up time to the processes here was minimal.

My advice to others considering joining Yugabyte during COVID: It is a different onboarding experience during these times, and all company matters are conducted online, but it’s still a great time to join. If you see an open position you’re interested in, apply.

Current Openings at Yugabyte

Health and safety remain a top priority for all of our roles. As such, all Yugabyte interviews are held virtually, so we can all continue doing our part with social distancing and containment efforts. Although we are based in Silicon Valley, we hire exceptional folks wherever they are! Yugabyte is currently hiring for these open positions in our Customer Success, Engineering, Product, Sales, and Marketing teams:

Current Openings in the Broader Yugabyte Community

As the broader Yugabyte community grows, so do the number of openings to help support those deployments. We scanned the Internet and found these openings:

What’s Next

  • Visit our careers page for Yugabyte’s current openings and other information.
  • Not yet familiar with our distributed SQL database? Get started with YugabyteDB on macOS, Linux, Docker, and Kubernetes.
  • If you don’t see a job that fits but would like an opportunity to turn your passion for Yugabyte into your profession, email us.
Michelle Brinich

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