One Database, Infinite Possibilities: YugabyteDB Managed Now Available on Microsoft Azure

Shreyas Agnihotri

At Yugabyte, we are committed to provide our customers with a robust, scalable, and highly available Database as a Service (DBaaS). We are cloud-agnostic as we believe that users should have total flexibility and not have to worry about vendor lock-in.

In keeping with our commitment, we are excited to announce that YugabyteDB Managed dedicated clusters can now be hosted on Microsoft Azure! Starting today, this new functionality is publically available to all YugabyteDB Managed users.

YugabyteDB Managed Available on Microsoft Azure

Globally Available

This release expands our global reach to 15 Azure regions (with more to come). This means YugabyteDB Managed is now available on all three major public cloud providers and covers more than 66 cloud regions globally. This offers more coverage than any other distributed SQL vendor.


Dedicated single-region YugabyteDB clusters created on Microsoft Azure are governed by the same 99.99% Service Level Agreement (SLA) that you’ve come to trust. This includes enterprise-grade networking using Azure Private Link, ensuring your database transactions remain secure and efficient.

Fully-Managed Experience

These dedicated YugabyteDB clusters maintain the fully managed experience that you’ve grown to appreciate. You can expect the same hassle-free database upgrades, scheduled backups, and automated health monitoring and alerting, plus a performance advisor to tune your databases. Ultimately, you will experience the same level of convenience and service as before, but with the added flexibility of hosting your clusters on Azure.

Easy to Set Up

Deploying clusters in Azure is incredibly simple. You can utilize our intuitive web interface or, if you prefer, use the YBM CLI or Terraform for automation. We’ve ensured you can easily connect to your databases hosted in Azure with the Cloud Shell using your browser. This makes the process of managing your databases smoother than ever.

In summary, integration with Microsoft Azure not only broadens the choices available for YugabyteDB Managed users, but also enhances the overall user experience. This is a key milestone for Yugabyte and a win for our users.

Free Trial

So, get ready to enjoy YugabyteDB Managed in a whole new way, and request a free trial to take it for a spin!

Sign up for the free trial today!

Shreyas Agnihotri

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