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YugabyteDB Managed – The Monthly Scoop (June 2022)

Summer is finally here and there’s no better time to sit back and enjoy a nice, refreshing scoop! June’s monthly scoop for YugabyteDB Managed is loaded with cool new features that we are sure will get your summer started right.

Check out these latest features (and for previous posts, check out our archive):

Fast cluster creation

No more twiddling thumbs while your cluster is getting created.

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YugabyteDB Managed – The Monthly Scoop (May 2022)

At Yugabyte, we are always on the lookout for ways to make your experience better. We are quite jazzed to announce a number of updates to YugabyteDB Managed that will make your life easier and help you reduce costs.

Before jumping into the feature updates, in case you missed it we announced an update to our naming: Yugabyte Cloud is now called YugabyteDB Managed!

Here are some exciting new features in YugabyteDB Managed:

Pause and Resume clusters

Your YugabyteDB Managed clusters can now take a nap!

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