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Reference Architecture for Deploying YugabyteDB with VMware Tanzu

Michael Haag

As you make progress with your infrastructure and application modernization efforts, it’s essential that you also update and invest in your cloud native data layer.

Many of our customers approached us after realizing that their traditional, monolithic databases limited their developers’ productivity and restricted their availability and ability to scale. They need a modern database that matches the flexibility, scale, and resiliency of their microservices.

We’ve been working closely with our key strategic application modernization partner, VMware, to help our customers meet these data goals. As a result, we are excited to announce the availability of the YugabyteDB on Tanzu Reference Architecture.

This new reference architecture is specifically for organizations looking to adopt a modern approach to building, running, and managing their business-critical workloads.

Discover Our New Reference Architecture

Download the new reference architecture paper to create a highly-available, production-grade deployment of YugabyteDB with VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid.

This paper details the reference architecture for deploying YugabyteDB on Tanzu Kubernetes Grid (TKG). It also covers a range of topics, including Kubernetes requirements and cluster layout for YugabyteDB.

YugabyteDB’s exceptional flexibility supports a number of deployment options. This paper reviews three different architectures. An overview and architectural view are provided for the following deployment options:

  • Single Availability Zone, Single Cluster Architecture
  • Single Region, Multiple Availability Zones Architecture
  • Multiple Regions, Multiple Availability Zones Architecture
Discover Our New Reference Architecture
Architectural View Sample: Single AZ, Single Cluster

The reference architecture also covers integration with VMware SDDC, Backup and Recovery, Monitoring, and Logging. The paper is intended to provide general guidance. So, don’t feel constrained if your use case leads you to a different deployment architecture.

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Learn More at VMware Explore 2022

Attending VMware Explore 2022 and want to know more? Join Amey Banarse, VP of Data Engineering at Yugabyte, as he presents on why it’s Time to Upgrade your Database in this dedicated breakout session.

Next Steps and Resources

Combining a cloud native distributed database with a cloud native application platform allows developers to unlock end-to-end scalability, performance, and resiliency. So, the YugabyteDB and VMware Tanzu reference architecture is a great place to start your cloud native journey.

Watch the recent joint VMware Tanzu and YugabyteDB on-demand webinar to discover how a distributed, developer-friendly database can complement your VMware Tanzu initiatives.

Finally, read The Power of a Modern Distributed Database for a quick overview of the YugabyteDB and VMware Tanzu joint solution and partnership.

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Michael Haag

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