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New YugabyteDB Managed Innovations: Lower TCO with Advanced Automation

Anirudh Pandit

You can now experience our latest YugabyteDB Managed product release, packed with major new capabilities that help you innovate rapidly and confidently through simplified operations and automation. 

YugabyteDB Managed is a fully managed service for YugabyteDB, the industry-leading open source distributed SQL database.

This advanced DBaaS allows you to easily setup and connect to an infinitely scalable, resilient, Cassandra and PostgreSQL-compatible database, with minimal operational overheads. You can eliminate the time and resources needed to manage the database and infrastructure  and focus on running and deploying your apps on YugabyteDB. 

YugabyteDB Managed gives you access to a broad set of DBaaS automation and self service capabilities, reducing operational costs and accelerating time-to-market as you build a wide range of cloud native applications. 

Address Dynamic Compliance Requirements with Self-Service Geo-Partitioned Clusters

Strict data residency regulations, such as GDPR in the EU, have become the norm in most countries. When you manage or expand your business to these countries, you’ll be required to store data about its inhabitants on servers physically located in that country. If your business operates across multiple countries, regulatory obligations will become even more difficult to meet. This is especially true when combining traditional databases with modern geo-distributed, cloud native applications.

Luckily, distributed SQL databases like YugabyteDB make meeting these requirements much easier. You can now easily address data residency requirements—while boosting your application performance and customer satisfaction—with new self-service geo-partitioning capabilities in YugabyteDB Managed. 

By utilizing geo-partitioned clusters, where data is partitioned and distributed across multiple geographical regions, you ensure data is distributed where it needs to be. This means  it is much easier to meet regulatory compliance requirements. The necessary data automatically remains within a country’s borders. 

And, while ensuring the security and privacy of their data, you can also deliver your end customers a faster performing app. With the data now stored closer to them, you can lower overall latencies. Applications will access data from the region closest to them. This also has the effect of lowering your operating costs as it reduces network overhead..

Cluster setup with geo partitioning by region in YugabyteDB Managed

Improve Customer Experience with Low-Latency Reads from Read Replicas

Monolithic databases have been the standard for many years. They are proven and predictable; however, they were never designed for today’s dynamic, distributed world. As you build modern applications that are used by customers all around the world, having to read data from a single central location can majorly impact application performance and customer satisfaction. 

With the simple-to-deploy read replicas in YugabyteDB Managed, you can greatly improve your users’ experience by distributing read copies of the data, resulting in significantly lower read latencies. Users no longer need to be physically close to your main cluster to enjoy an optimal experience. 

Read replicas in YugabyteDB Managed provide time-consistent reads that are ideal for global, read-heavy transactional applications. You can create the read replicas in a self-service manner, providing a simple way to scale read capacity across different regions without sacrificing write latency.

Create read replica across the regions in YugabyteDB Managed database-as-a-service

Embrace Infrastructure-as-Code via Enhanced Terraform Provider

None of us have enough time for everything on our plate anymore. In the IT world, automation is the key to survival. As data keeps growing and the number of apps keeps increasing, it is critical that we find a way to efficiently deploy and maintain these systems. 

Thanks to new enhancements in YugabyteDB Managed, you can now quickly deploy and dependably maintain your distributed SQL database on YugabyteDB Managed clusters using Terraform. For many of you (or many of your devops teams) Terraform has become the go-to platform for delivering infrastructure-as-code (IaC).

With the new Terraform provider, use clusters at scale to eliminate manual cluster configuration, shorten time-to-value, and boost developer productivity. YugabyteDB Managed cluster deployment is now automated by the new Terraform Provider for YugabyteDB Managed, available in the Terraform registry

Simply evolve your database infrastructure with the updated Terraform provider, whether for Day 1 provisioning or Day 2+ operations. Efficiently install and orchestrate clusters—including scaling up, scaling down, backing up, and restoring data—by quickly creating YugabyteDB Managed clusters, read replicas, VPCs, and more.

Enhanced Terraform Provider

Good news! Is it’s now easier than ever to start using and testing all of these new enhancements. You can enjoy a free, full-featured, trial of a YugabyteDB Managed dedicated tier, with no credit card required. 

Available for a limited time, the free trial gives you access to premium features for product evaluation and production ready use cases. Available features include high availability, read replicas, geo-distributed clusters, multi-region clusters, and more.

How to set up a free trial in YugabyteDB Managed

Achieve Breakout Growth with the Quantum Leap Program for Startups

If you’re a startup looking for a way to get started with new cloud native apps, we want to help. Start on the right foot, using a suitable cloud native database from the start. (No one wants to deal with database migrations in a year!)

The YugabyteDB Managed Quantum Leap program allows startups to turbocharge their enterprise and get up and running fast on the most feature-rich distributed SQL DBaaS available. 

The program provides a $10,000 credit for your YugabyteDB Managed database running in production on either AWS or Google Cloud. Startup companies developing cloud-native apps and testing contemporary cloud databases for use in production environments are eligible for this program.

Determine eligibility for YugabyteDB Managed Quantum Leap

Get Started and Learn More

Can’t wait to try out the new YugabyteDB Managed features to build your modern applications and architectures?! Sign up for a free account today and discover the great benefits of YugabyteDB Managed. 

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Anirudh Pandit

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