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Announcing Distributed SQL Summit Presented by YugaByte and PostgresConf

Jimmy Guerrero

VP Developer Relations

YugaByte is excited to announce in partnership with PostgresConf, that the inaugural Distributed SQL Summit is taking place on September 20, 2019 in San Jose, California! The Distributed SQL Summit is the first ever event to focus exclusively on sharing best practices and technical knowledge on the cloud-native approach to deploying, operating and scaling distributed SQL databases. The Summit will be co-located with PostgresConf Silicon Valley, as a “conference within a conference.”

This one-day event will feature speakers and panelists from some of the biggest names in cloud and database infrastructure including Amazon, Microsoft, FoundationDB, Narvar, Cerner, Pivotal and Percona. Speakers and panelists will share what it takes to build, deploy and scale distributed SQL databases on the cloud and Kubernetes. Here’s a sample of the current roster, with additional speakers to be announced in the coming days.

  • James Watters, SVP Products – Pivotal
  • Matt Asay, Head of Developer Ecosystem – Adobe
  • Sailesh Krishnamurthy, GM, Amazon Aurora, MySQL and MariaDB
  • Sumedh Pathak, Microsoft Azure – Ex-Citus Data Co-Founder
  • Mahesh Tyagarajan, VP Engineering – Kroger
  • Ram Ravichandran, CTO – Narvar
  • Peter Zaitsev, Founder, CEO – Percona

As interest in geo distributed variants of SQL continues to accelerate, enterprises are turning to distributed databases to gain the scaling capabilities of NoSQL, combined with strong consistency, ACID transactions and support for the SQL syntax traditionally provided by monolithic systems like Oracle. Expert speakers at the Summit will dive deep into the use cases, best practices and next steps for successfully implementing distributed SQL as a key part of an enterprise cloud and Oracle migration strategy.

What Speakers are Saying About Distributed SQL

“True digital transformation is about decomposing applications and adopting microservices architectures. It also means migrating off monolithic databases in favor of cloud-native data infrastructure. With Java still the language of choice for the modern Enterprise, Spring along with distributed SQL databases are proving to be critical technologies for enabling these journeys.”

— James Watters SVP Products at Pivotal

“It’s super interesting to see different database companies and cloud providers build on top of PostgreSQL. Extending PostgreSQL in clever, critical ways has made it more relevant than ever for use cases requiring global scale. This should be especially exciting for companies looking to migrate off of Oracle in their journey to the cloud.”

— Matt Asay, columnist and Head of Developer Ecosystem at Adobe

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Jimmy Guerrero

VP Developer Relations

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