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Announcing Yugabyte Platform for Startups

Jimmy Guerrero

VP Developer Relations

We are excited to announce a very special program at Yugabyte specifically designed for startups and early stage companies! The Yugabyte Startups offering gives access to the Yugabyte Platform administration and monitoring console, plus 24/7 production support at a heavily discounted price.

Here are the details of the program.

What is the Yugabyte Startups program?

The Yugabyte Startups program includes a heavily discounted software subscription to Yugabyte Platform just for startups.

What are the features of the subscription?

  • Support: 24×7 Enterprise Support backed by an SLA
  • Software: Yugabyte Platform to manage and monitor YugabyteDB at scale and across clouds
  • Staging: Dev/Test/QA environments are free with purchase

What is Yugabyte Platform?

Yugabyte Platform is a subscription to the software and support you need to easily deploy, secure, and monitor YugabyteDB across multiple clouds.

Running Yugabyte on AWS, GCP, Azure, or on-premises? With Yugabyte Platform you can harness cloud native capabilities of YugabyteDB to build modern applications and deliver the level of digital experiences that your customers expect. This offers true freedom of choice for enterprises looking to develop a fully cloud native DBaaS

Now you can focus on building your product and growing your business while offloading time consuming database management activities to Yugabyte Platform – orchestration of database instances, secure deployments, rolling software upgrades, scheduled backups, monitoring, and alerting.

YugabyteDB Product Catalog

What are the features of Yugabyte Platform?

Accelerate your multi-cloud journey

Yugabyte Platform enables point and click hybrid cloud deployments to AWS, GCP, Azure, VMWare Tanzu, Kubernetes, and bare metal.

Built for optimal performance

On-demand scaling, resource optimization tools, and real-time insights on your database performance.

Provides operational efficiency and lower TCO

Fully automated infrastructure provisioning, database setup, maintenance, and version upgrades. Less administration means fewer costs and more development.

Designed for developer productivity

YugabyteDB supports both SQL and NoSQL workloads with a single storage engine. It includes a PostgreSQL compatible YSQL API for relational workloads, and a Cassandra inspired YCQL API for non or semi-relational workloads that require multi-TB data density per node.

Enterprise security built-in

YugabyteDB Integrates with popular authentication protocols like LDAP, and features built-in key management, auditing, encryption at rest and on the wire.

What is the cost?

A minimum purchase of 48 cores of Yugabyte Platform ($24k USD per year).

What is the commitment?

Signing up for the program requires a minimum 1-year commitment, the authorized use of your company logo and a case study within 60 days of purchase.

Who qualifies?

Eligibility is based on funding stage and annual recurring revenue. Contact us to see if your company qualifies.

Bringing data to customers worldwide starts with YugabyteDB

Here are a few of the companies destined to “go big” with a little help from Yugabyte Startups.

Justuno logo - Justuno relies on YugabyteDB
Justuno is a cloud-native website visitor conversion optimization platform that helps increase the ecommerce revenue streams of over 188k brands using AI and YugabyteDB. Learn more about their story.

Admiral logo, scaled
Admiral is the leading Visitor Relationship Management (VRM) platform, serving thousands of publishers worldwide delivering billions of impressions at single-digit latency with YugabyteDB. Learn more about their story.

Manetu logo, scaled
Manetu puts consent management in consumers’ hands, enabling consumers to control their data and enterprises to comply with data privacy laws. Manetu’s data privacy platform manages billions of identities with YugabyteDB.

Ready to accelerate your distributed SQL project?

Visit the YugabyteDB Startups page to start the conversation!

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Jimmy Guerrero

VP Developer Relations

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