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Distributed SQL Summit 2022: Become a Data-Driven Organization at Scale

Rachel Pescador

We are excited to announce that registration is now open for our fourth annual Distributed SQL Summit (DSS) 2022 on September 14th.

This virtual event will be our biggest global event to date. Additionally, a series of in-person DSS days around the world will follow this event.

The Distributed SQL Summit 2022 brings together the Distributed SQL community, customers, partners, and industry thought leaders. The goal of the event is to explore the challenges and opportunities of database modernization and transformation. 

Attendees can choose from a wide range of technical demos, presentations, networking, and live discussions. They can also explore the critical role that distributed SQL plays in enabling modern, cloud native applications. Additionally, they’ll discover how Distributed SQL helps organizations transform into future-proof data-driven enterprises.

Learn from leading companies at Distributed SQL Summit 2022

Some of the world’s leading companies will also share their experiences of adopting YugabyteDB. They’ll discuss how it helped them eliminate the tradeoffs of legacy database systems and prepare for future demands and opportunities.

“The growing adoption of cloud native architectures and agile development practices is accentuating the need for modern databases that enable organizations to innovate faster at lower cost and with lower risk today and in the future,” said Karthik Ranganathan, co-founder and CTO of Yugabyte. “The Distributed SQL Summit offers a place for developers, operators, technology leaders, and practitioners to discuss their achievements and challenges. They’ll also gain the expertise they need to realize the full potential of their distributed SQL databases.”

The virtual Distributed SQL Summit 2022 on September 14th will serve as the kick-off for a series of regional in-person DSS Day events throughout September and October. 

These events focus on helping organizations of all sizes realize the critical role a modern data layer plays in preparing for any future. Attendees will also learn how to transform into a data-driven organization. They’ll do so by adopting the right strategy and infrastructure to handle an uncertain and rapidly changing future.

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Rachel Pescador

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