Yugabyte’s Executive Team Shares Why You Should Attend the Distributed SQL Summit 2022

Michael Haag

The fourth annual Distributed SQL Summit (DSS) 2022 is fast approaching and we want you to be part of it! Taking place on September 14th, this virtual event is the largest distributed SQL event of the year.

DSS 2022 brings together the entire distributed SQL community -customers, partners, and industry thought leaders. Together, they will explore the challenges and opportunities of database modernization and transformation. 

We’re excited about the newly-released speaker line-up, networking opportunities, and live discussions, and we’re not the only ones! 

Below, Bill Cook, Yugabyte CEO; Karthik Ranganathan, Co-Founder and CTO; and Kannan Muthukkaruppan, Co-Founder and President, share why they think YOU should register to attend the Distributed SQL Summit, and why they are excited to participate.

Bill Cook, CEO

“It’s an amazing time in the tech world. I’ve had the good fortune to witness several major tech waves, and in my experience, each one of them has built on the ones that came before.  

For example, the advent of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Kubernetes provided capabilities to build and deploy applications in an agile, lean, component- and microservice-based way. Then, because applications can be quickly built and deployed, there was an increased need for resilience, automation, and scalability. So another wave formed—bringing a distributed systems mindset to our industry. 

But it didn’t stop there. These two waves led to a third significant wave, which focused on core database technology—one built for these new distributed systems that have to operate in a cloud native world. The changes have already begun for analytical databases, but what about transactional databases?

The transactional database needs to evolve. Logic in the application tier or the database tier has to be built out for this new, scaled-out world. Continuing to operate with a traditional, monolithic database will only be increasingly problematic as you grow. But those are not the only issues. For example, how will you manage security and risk? How can you make sure you have resilience or that you have database geo-distribution to meet these requirements?

One possibility is to turn this problem over to a cloud provider. But, as you know, transactional data is a company’s lifeblood, so handing everything over to a 3rd party can be problematic in itself—depending on your use case and what you are trying to do.

We believe a distributed systems-based approach with an open source database built from the ground up is a better way to go. But we are not through this last wave; there is much more to do, and that is what this upcoming Distributed SQL Summit is all about.

It is here to help you learn about the technology trends that are happening so you can get started on this journey. You’ll learn more about core attributes and fundamentals of a distributed systems database like YugabyteDB. You will dig into the differences between Postgres, Cassandra, and Oracle, but you will also learn what’s better and why it’s better. 

Many forward-thinking enterprises who’ve led the charge in terms of application modernization and moving to a cloud infrastructure are now modernizing their data infrastructure—companies like Fiserv, Wells Fargo, and Kroger. They will be participating and talking about their pain points and their progress to date. 

This is our fourth annual Distributed SQL Summit. The momentum is building. It’s exciting, and we’re inviting you to join the movement.”

Karthik Ranganathan: Co-Founder and CTO, Product Development 

“We want to welcome you, in advance, to the fourth Distributed SQL Summit (DSS) conference. The first summit was held in 2019, with 125 attendees. Since then, interest in distributed SQL has grown. Almost 3,000 people attended the last couple of conferences, showing that mainstream interest has been building.

And why? Well, as Bill said, the way we build applications is changing. The infrastructure on which these applications are deployed is changing. Applications are becoming more agile and micro-services oriented, and the infrastructure is cloud native. So when you put all this together, you can build better applications, provide better experiences to end users, and simplify everything.

As you move to the cloud, it is important to recognize that you need a database that will fully support you in the cloud. So, when you put that all together with a cloud native mindset, everything points to distributed SQL.

People still love relational technology. True, there was a big hoopla about NoSQL, but we discovered that SQL never left. It has always been here; it is here to stay, making distributed SQL so much more interesting. Waves are converging from the NoSQL side, and waves are converging from the SQL side. Another wave is building from the application tier, and I am excited about these convergences. We are seeing history being written in front of our eyes as everybody starts to move to distributed SQL.

So, the Distributed SQL Summit is primarily a place for learning. It’s for people to share experiences and where they are in their evaluation processes, discuss their pain points, and talk about what didn’t work or what worked. There will also be opportunities to discuss subjects unrelated to distributed SQL, such as security in the cloud. So we hope you’ll join us. DSS 2022 is going to be a fantastic event.”

Kannan Muthukkaruppan, Co-Founder and President, Product Development 

“So, why am I excited to attend the Distributed SQL Summit? Well, many companies are looking to modernize their applications, and the database tier is at the crux of this modernization journey. As companies look to build applications that are highly available, highly resilient, and can grow and expand as the business expands, they are looking to databases—other than the traditional, relational databases—to support them terms of high availability, elasticity, scalability and everything else that you associate when you think of cloud and cloud native properties. 

At the Distributed SQL Summit, you will hear from practitioners who are journeying to database modernization. In addition, you hear from engineers, practitioners, and many others about their experiences adopting technology such as distributed SQL and lessons learned along the way.

I am excited about this event. So register now. You will have a lot of fun.”  

Watch the full video of our leadership team sharing their thoughts, and check out our playlist of Yugabyte experts explaining what they are most looking forward to at DSS 22!

Register for free today!

Michael Haag

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