Announcing YugabyteDB Managed’s Transformative Updates for Resilience, Monitoring, Security, and Scalability

Devarshi Shah

, Rangasayee Lalgudi Chandrasekaran and

Are you ready to transform your data management strategy with YugabyteDB Managed? We are excited to share five key product updates to help you do just that:

  • Create multi-region clusters on Microsoft Azure to build highly resilient cloud-native applications
  • Gain a unified monitoring experience with the ability to export metrics to external observability tools
  • Use AWS or Azure Private Link for secure, private connectivity to your clusters
  • Ensure always-on applications with even higher fault tolerance options
  • Scale your read replicas flexibly and unlock the best price-performance

Create Multi-Region YugabyteDB Clusters on Microsoft Azure

Committed to providing unmatched scalability and resilience for your cloud-native applications, we introduced YugabyteDB Managed on Azure earlier this year, setting a benchmark for the broadest regional coverage of any distributed SQL vendor. Now, we’re elevating that promise with the addition of multi-region clusters on YugabyteDB Managed on Azure.

Multi-Region Clusters Offer Ultimate Resilience:

Multi-region clusters on Azure provide three key benefits.

  1. Resilience Against Region-Level Outages: Ensure uninterrupted service even in the face of region-level outages by synchronously replicating data across three regions. With multi-region clusters you get unparalleled reliability and fault tolerance, keeping your data safe and your applications running.
  2. Geo-Partitioning for Data Locality and Compliance: Pin data to specific geographic regions, ensuring compliance with local regulations and maintaining data locality.
  3. Low-Latency Global Reads: Leverage read replicas to serve lightning-fast, low-latency read requests across the globe for an exceptional user experience. Deploy read replica clusters in different regions to move data closer to your users and optimize read performance while maintaining write efficiency.

Unified Monitoring Experience with External Observability Tools

Eliminate the complexities of managing multiple platforms for various applications. Embrace the power of YugabyteDB Managed’s Metrics Export feature, effortlessly integrating vital metrics with the third-party monitoring tool you prefer.

This feature simplifies your monitoring process, giving you direct control over valuable insights.

Unified Monitoring

Incorporate YugabyteDB Managed into your enterprise observability stack for a unified monitoring experience that includes your YugabyteDB clusters.

Simplified Metrics Export

With just a few clicks you can effortlessly export metrics to your tool of choice—Datadog,Grafana Cloud, New Relic—with just a few clicks to achieve comprehensive observability. Plus, utilize our pre-built dashboard templates to reduce setup time.

Multiple Destinations Supported

YugabyteDB Managed’s Metrics Export is based on the OpenTelemetry standard to support multiple destinations for metrics and future-proof your environment.

YugabyteDB Managed now includes user interface (UI) support for private connectivity for AWS and Azure clusters (AWS PrivateLink and Azure Private Link), expanding the available network access management options.

Establish ultra-secure network connectivity for dedicated single region and multi-region clusters created in YugabyteDB Managed on AWS and Azure. Use the UI to set up PrivateLink as a more secure and convenient alternative to VPC peering.

  • Prevent unauthorized access: Private connectivity using PrivateLink provides unidirectional access to your databases, making it harder for unauthorized users to access your VPC. You can, via the UI, set up private connectivity to as many regions of a multi-region cluster as required.
  • Set up with ease: You can now configure private connectivity effortlessly as a self-service process through the YugabyteDB Managed UI in addition to CLI and API options.
  • Secure access for developers: PrivateLink supports Direct Connect for easy, secure access from developer workstations.
  • Lower administrative overhead: Overlapping CIDR (Classless Inter-Domain Routing) ranges are not a problem with PrivateLink, which means less network administration overheads.

Additional New Features: September Sneak Peak

Wait there’s more! In addition to the above features available starting today, here’s a sneak peek at the upcoming features available later this month.

Higher Fault Tolerance Levels to Boost Mission-Critical Application Resiliency

To meet higher fault tolerance goals for your mission-critical applications, we are introducing support for higher fault tolerance levels in YugabyteDB Managed. This will allow you to safeguard your mission-critical data and ensure business continuity against multiple node or region failures across different geographic locations.

Key benefits include:

  • Higher fault tolerance: Design your mission-critical applications to meet higher fault tolerance goals.
    • Replication Factor 5 – Tolerate failures of two nodes (or two regions)
    • Replication Factor 7 – Tolerate failures of three nodes (or three regions)
  • Effortless setup: Configure RF=5 and RF=7 clusters with ease through YugabyteDB Managed UI, CLI, or the Terraform provider.
  • Real-time health checks and alerts: Monitor the health of your cluster in real time to gain constant insight into the application’s resilience.

Create clusters with higher fault tolerance

Flexible Read Replicas to Scale as Needed

Flexible Read Replicas allow you to scale read replicas differently in each region in a cost-effective manner. This means you can design your architecture to scale up or scale out read replica nodes in regions where traffic is higher and scale down read replica nodes in regions where traffic is lower.

Some key benefits include:

  • Flexible scaling: Scale read replica nodes differently in each region, whether scaling vertically (scale up) or horizontally (scale out).
  • Cost-effective scaling: Optimize your budget by controlling resource utilization more granularly, adjusting to the application traffic in each geographical region.
  • Automated scaling: Orchestrate and scale automatically based on traffic via the YugabyteDB Managed CLI or Terraform.

Scale read replica nodes independently in each region

Get Started Today—For Free

YugabyteDB Managed is currently available as a free, full-featured trial, allowing you to experience the full benefits without any charge. Use it to test PostgreSQL compatibility, horizontal scalability, fault tolerance, and multi-region clustering.

Sign up for free trial!

Get started in minutes with no credit card required! Test the advanced YugabyteDB Managed features to optimize your database performance and drive business success.

Find Out More

If you missed the DSS keynote and YugabyteDB Managed sessions and want to know more, keep your eyes peeled for upcoming feature blogs and DSS replay videos.

Devarshi Shah

, Rangasayee Lalgudi Chandrasekaran and

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