From Crypto to Healthtech: How 7 Real-World Customers are Using YugabyteDB Managed

Introducing the 7-in-7 Customer Series
Premika Srinivasan

The appetite for database-as-a-service (DBaaS) solutions is growing stronger every day as companies navigate the evolving world of cloud databases and cloud-native apps. Database pioneers seek the perfect blend of PostgreSQL reliability and power alongside the unmatched scalability and resilience offered by the cloud.

YugabyteDB Managed, our fully managed DBaaS, delivers this perfect combination—and then some. But we don’t want you to take our word for it! Over the next two weeks, we will explore how different companies use YugabyteDB Managed to solve their real-world problems.

We’re excited to introduce the ‘YugabyteDB Managed 7 in 7’ blog series. This was created specifically for technical and database architects like yourself—so we’ll do our best to limit any “marketing spin” and focus on concrete details.

Best Practice for Building Your Next Cloud Native Application

After investing years in cloud and app modernization initiatives, developers and architects are hungry for a modern, distributed database to support that investment. They want an end-to-end stack that addresses a range of old and newly emerging use cases.

This series will explore different use cases and detail what drove these customers to move away from their legacy databases and choose a distributed database.

We will examine classic use cases that require a scalable and resilient database for standard transactional apps, plus use cases that need a geo-distributed, unified database that can span the globe without sacrificing performance. We’ll also learn why some customers are desperate to consolidate their databases and reduce complexity while others are under pressure to reduce costs or find an easy way to validate the capabilities of a distributed database.

These seven stories will provide relatable blueprints to guide your next cloud-native application as we share deployment topologies, cloud configurations, workload characterizations, and key architectural decisions.

Introducing the 7-in-7 YugabyteDB Managed Customers

Discover seven outstanding customers in our new blog series from sectors like crypto, marketing, healthtech, fintech, and more.

Here is the rundown of each of the seven days.

  1. Redefining Healthcare Collaboration with Advanced Geo-Distribution
  2. Admiral’s Promise to 1600+ Publishers: Unmatched Availability and Unparalleled Low Latency
  3. Abra Controls Effortlessly Ingests Millions of IoT Data Points for Faster, Better Decision-Making
  4. Midoin Reshapes Crypto with Horizontal Write Scalability and PostgreSQL Compatibility
  5. Advancing the Power of Digital Marketing with Massive Scalability and Advanced Monitoring
  6. Making Fintech More Resilient With Multi-Region Stretch Clusters
  7. Scout24 Reshapes Global Hospitality Management with Geo-Partitioning and High Availability

New to YugabyteDB Managed?

If you’ve made it this far but are still unfamiliar with YugabyteDB Managed, let’s fix that! YugabyteDB Managed is the fully managed offering of the YugabyteDB database.

It delivers the power of distributed SQL with the ease of use of a database-as-a-service. Developers can create and connect to this infinitely scalable, resilient PostgreSQL-compatible database in minutes with zero operational overhead.

YugabyteDB Managed enables seamless operation in any cloud, perfect for building new apps that handle millions of transactions per day with several terabytes of data. It’s available in 66+ global regions across AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.

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Premika Srinivasan

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