YugabyteDB Managed: Presenting the Enterprise-Ready DBaaS on Azure

With the Widest Region Coverage Available and Enhanced Data Security

Ready to revolutionize your data management with YugabyteDB Managed? We are thrilled to introduce two key updates that help you harness the benefits of whichever cloud best suits your business:

  • Discover the future of database management with YugabyteDB Managed on Microsoft Azure, offering the widest region coverage of any distributed SQL vendor. This enterprise-ready DBaaS provides unparalleled scalability, enhanced security, and seamless deployment for your cloud-native applications.
  • Enhance your data security with encryption at rest using Customer Managed Keys (CMK) on Google Cloud for complete control and robust protection.

Enterprise-Ready DBaaS on Microsoft Azure with YugabyteDB Managed

Why YugabyteDB is the DBaaS best suited for Azure

YugabyteDB Managed dedicated clusters are now publicly available on Microsoft Azure! The addition of Azure to your cloud options for YugabyteDB Managed lets you harness the power of Azure to power modern cloud-native applications and leverage advanced Azure services and ecosystem. 

You can now deploy production applications on a fully-managed offering of industry-leading distributed SQL database, YugabyteDB Managed, on all three of the top public clouds. 

Users can experience the unmatched scalability of YugabyteDB Managed in over 66 regions, including 15 Azure regions worldwide. Offering the widest region coverage of any distributed SQL vendor, you can seamlessly expand your application’s reach by leveraging the extensive footprint of YugabyteDB Managed across AWS, GCP, and Azure, all while avoiding vendor lock-in. 

As a highly available distributed database, YugabyteDB minimizes downtime risks by providing uninterrupted application availability and reliability. This production-ready solution enables effortless scaling of business-critical applications, leveraging Azure’s infrastructure to address the needs of growing workloads by dynamically scaling database clusters. 

Enterprises have the flexibility to run YugabyteDB on multiple clouds, including Azure, and easily migrate applications across different cloud environments as needed. Migrating to Azure is seamless as YugabyteDB is built on PostgreSQL, which eliminates the need for significant application modifications.

YugabyteDB Managed on Azure is an enterprise-grade solution that combines a comprehensive enterprise-grade feature set, inherent resilience, and reliable backup capabilities. With its fully managed approach, you can achieve an exceptional user experience with effortless scale for your applications, robust SLAs, enhanced data protection through Azure PrivateLink integration, and streamlined cluster management. 

The addition of YugabyteDB Managed on Azure introduces powerful features and benefits.

  • Effortless scale: Scale YugabyteDB Managed clusters horizontally or vertically with Azure and adapt quickly to fluctuating application demands.
  • Robust SLA: Dedicated single-region YugabyteDB clusters created on Microsoft Azure are governed by a 99.99% Service Level Agreement (SLA).
  • Global availability: Accessible in over 66 cloud regions worldwide (including over 15 Azure regions),YugabyteDB Managed offers the largest region coverage of any distributed SQL vendor.
  • Enhanced Security: Seamlessly integrate YugabyteDB Managed with Azure Private Link. Establish secure private network connectivity between your Azure Virtual Networks and YugabyteDB Managed clusters for greater data privacy and compliance.
  • Supercharge Developer Productivity: Deployment of YugabyteDB Managed clusters in Azure is simple. Developers can utilize YugabyteDB Managed’s intuitive web interface or automate with the Command Line Interface (YBM CLI) or Terraform. Developers can also easily connect to Azure-hosted databases with the Cloud Shell in their browser or a favorite PostgreSQL client tool.
  • Reliable Data Protection: Users can schedule backups on YugabyteDB Managed clusters on Azure. Automated data backups enhance data reliability and simplify recovery in the event of a failure.
  • Highly Resilient Clusters: Deploy single region, multi-zone clusters effortlessly with YugabyteDB Managed on Azure to ensure high availability and fault tolerance within the same region.

This launch establishes YugabyteDB as a fully managed enterprise-ready DBaaS on Azure, expanding on its prior availability as a self-managed DBaaS on Azure (which is also available).

YugabyteDB Managed simplifies multi-cloud deployments, allowing organizations to meet customer demands by running applications anywhere and everywhere, all while ensuring consistency, scalability, and security. 

We are pleased to also introduce additional key enhancements to YugabytedB Managed in this new release.

Fortify Your Data Defenses with Encryption at Rest Using Customer Managed Key (CMK) on Google Cloud

YugabyteDB Managed now offers an additional layer of data security with the preview of encryption at rest using Customer Managed Keys (CMK) with Google Cloud Key Management Service (KMS). This feature is available for dedicated clusters on YugabyteDB Managed and expands the availability of this feature on AWS to Google Cloud.

Encryption at rest using CMK allows you to administer your own encryption keys, encrypt your data at rest, and manage the lifecycle of encryption keys with ease. This gives you complete control over the security of your data in the cloud. You can ensure only authorized parties have access and manage it all with just a few clicks using our user-friendly interface, powerful Command Line Interface, or via the YugabyteDB Managed API.

Get Started Today—For Free

YugabyteDB Managed is currently available as a free, full-featured trial, allowing you to experience the full platform benefits without charge. Use it to test PostgreSQL compatibility, horizontal scalability, fault tolerance, and multi-region clustering. 

These key features provide all you need to power a highly available, resilient, and geo-distributed global application.

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