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Michelle Brinich

Since our last hiring post, a lot has changed in the world around us (and even that is an understatement). The coronavirus is having a devastating effect on people and communities around the globe. Now more than a million people have gotten sick (or worse), many others are economically impacted, losing jobs, businesses are shutting down, and activities we perhaps once took for granted–everything from dining out, to birthday celebrations, or visiting loved ones–are either no longer happening or are dramatically different.

Amidst all of this, I knew April would come, and it would be time for this second monthly hiring blog. I wrestled with how to post about open positions during a time of tremendous suffering. As I write this, I carry a deep sadness for everyone who is negatively affected by this terrible situation now and as it continues to unfold. But as I wrestled with writing this post, I also came to feel humbly grateful that there are open positions available. It’s my hope that letting you know about these current openings may bring a bit of positive news when it’s needed most.

In addition, health and safety remain a top priority with all of our roles. As such, Yugabyte interviews will be held virtually, so we can all continue doing our part with social distancing and containment efforts.

Current Openings at Yugabyte

At Yugabyte, we are currently hiring for these open positions in our Product, Customer Success, Engineering, and Marketing teams:

Current Openings in the Broader Yugabyte Community

As the broader Yugabyte community grows, so do the number of openings to help support those deployments. We scanned the Internet and found these openings:

What’s Next

  • Visit our careers page for Yugabyte’s current openings and other information.
  • Not yet familiar with our distributed SQL database? Get started with YugabyteDB on macOS, Linux, Docker, and Kubernetes.
  • If you don’t see a job that fits but would like an opportunity to turn your passion for Yugabyte into your profession, email us.
Michelle Brinich

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