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INSERT INTO Yugabyte (We’re Hiring, January 2021 Edition)

Michelle Brinich

It’s a new year 🎉! And Yugabyte is hiring for new positions across a wide variety of departments. In this blog post, we will share with you some of the recent announcements we’re proud of so you can get a flavor for the kinds of things we work on; introduce you to a member of the team, so you can “meet” some of the amazing people you could work alongside of in helping us carry out our mission; and share with you the current job openings within Yugabyte and in the broader YugabyteDB community.

Recent Highlights and Happenings

Since our last hiring post, we have made some announcements we’re very proud of, including these highlights …

Announcing Distributed SQL Summit Asia Registration Is Now Open!

We are pleased to announce Distributed SQL Summit Asia, taking place January 20-22, 2021 from 10am-3pm India Standard Time / GMT+5:30 each day. January 20 is a Workshop Day, and January 21-22 are Conference Days. You can learn more about the Summit and register here.

The Planned 2021 YugabyteDB Roadmap

Our mission at Yugabyte is to build the default distributed SQL database for cloud native applications in a multi cloud world. We recently announced the general availability of Yugabyte 2.5, which brought new features like Geo-Partitioning and Enterprise-Grade security features in addition to major enhancements in multi-region deployments and performance – while also improving on high availability, horizontal scalability, and ease of managing the database. The Yugabyte team and the broader YugabyteDB open source community is currently working on even more exciting features, and this blog post will give you a sneak peek into what’s coming in the next release.

Wrapping Up 2020 at Yugabyte

As we welcome 2021, we also wanted to take a moment to wrap up 2020 at Yugabyte. Amid all the tough spots, we were humbly grateful to experience some bright spots, too. In this post, we share some of the highlights that helped keep us going in 2020 when we needed encouragement and inspiration.

Manetu Selects YugabyteDB to Power Its Data Privacy Management Platform

The team at Yugabyte is excited to announce that Manetu has selected YugabyteDB as its database of choice for its Consumer Privacy Management (CPM®) platform. You can learn more in this success story blog post and on the success story page.

Meet Nikhil Chandrappa, Lead Software Engineer (Ecosystem)

Due to COVID-19, we remain fully virtual in all aspects of our work, including recruiting. Because in-person meetings are restricted, we looked for ways to bring to life what it’s like to work at Yugabyte. In the spirit of doing so, we will introduce a Yugabeing in our hiring posts so you can learn about what it’s like to work here directly from the talented people who have already joined us on our ambitious mission. With that, here’s an introduction to Nikhil Chandrappa.

Nikhil Chandrappa Profile Picture

Q: Where are you based?

New York City Metropolitan Area

Q: What do you do at Yugabyte?

My role is like a Swiss army knife of the YugabyteDB engineering team. In my role, I’m responsible for building YugabyteDB client drivers and ecosystem integrations for popular developer tools like Spring Framework, GraphQL, Spark connector, Kafka connector, and even enterprise Kubernetes platforms like VMWare Tanzu and Redhat Openshift.

Q: What are some of the great things about working at Yugabyte?

Yugabyte is paving the way for cloud-native Distributed SQL databases; in my opinion it’s the final frontier of modernizing the applications in the cloud. Developer productivity and ease of maintaining the database are at the core of YugabyteDB’s design principles. I’m excited to be part of the engineering team and part of the Yugabyte journey to build a 100% open source, modern cloud native database.

Q: What positions are currently open on your team?

We are currently looking for Software Engineers passionate about learning new technologies and database tools to join the Ecosystem Engineering team. They will take ownership of the ecosystem integration projects and make meaningful contributions towards building first class developer experience for the YugabyteDB user community.

Q: What would you like candidates to know about the Ecosystem Engineering role?

Working for the ecosystem engineering team gives a lot of opportunities for presenting your work with other developers and in major developer conferences like KubeCon + CloudNativeCon, and more.

Q: When you aren’t working what are you up to?

I am a huge sports fan and diligently follow Indian Cricket, European club football, Formula one racing, and pro golf in my spare time. I am also picking up designing skills and have been doodling on my Wacom tablet. In winters, snowboarding is my outdoor activity, and big into playing FIFA on multiplayer consoles. Go Cuse!

Current Openings at Yugabyte

Health and safety remain a top priority for all of our roles. As such, all Yugabyte interviews are held virtually, so we can all continue doing our part with social distancing and containment efforts. Although we are based in Silicon Valley, we hire exceptional folks wherever they are! Yugabyte is currently hiring for these open positions in our Customer Success, Engineering, Product, Sales, and Marketing:

Current Openings in the Broader Yugabyte Community

As the broader Yugabyte community grows, so do the number of openings to help support those deployments. We scanned the Internet and found these openings:

What’s Next

  • Visit our careers page for Yugabyte’s current openings and other information.
  • Not yet familiar with our distributed SQL database? Get started with YugabyteDB on macOS, Linux, Docker, and Kubernetes.

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Michelle Brinich

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