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Manetu Selects YugabyteDB to Power Its Data Privacy Management Platform

Jimmy Guerrero

VP Developer Relations

The team at Yugabyte is excited to announce that Manetu has selected YugabyteDB as its database of choice for its Consumer Privacy Management (CPM®) platform.

Manetu logo

Manetu enables consumers to take control of their data

New laws in California, Europe, and elsewhere require that businesses allow consumers to access the data held about them. Manetu’s Consumer Privacy Management platform includes a consumer-facing portal that gives consumers control and automates fulfillment of these requests. They also offer a business-facing portal that simplifies enterprise compliance by tying together all sources of PII into a single, secure, state-of-the-art privacy vault.

The Manetu platform is made up of microservices, written in a mix of Clojure and Go on Kubernetes. Examples of these services include an attribute service, the core of the platform where the PII is encrypted and stored, and an activity log service that provides an activity graph to consumers and administrators. These services are powered by YugabyteDB.

With its current design, the Manetu platform is proven at nearly 70 million identities and architected to scale to hundreds of millions, and into billions over time. Manetu is trusted by customers and partners worldwide, including Hedera Hashgraph, Odgers Berndtson, Pickstar, and more.

Manetu Dashboard powered by YugabyteDB

Supporting billions of encrypted identities is not without its technical challenges

The Manetu platform is a microservices application that needs fine-grained transaction support, secondary indexes, and triplestore capabilities, all while being able to scale to billions of encrypted identities. With their previous Cassandra experience, Manetu knew they needed a Cassandra-like model to support a high performance RDF triplestore for the attribute service, but was concerned Cassandra wouldn’t be able to scale without operational complexity. Capabilities like fine-grained transaction support and usable secondary indexes were required for their attribute service, but were not supported in Cassandra.

Manetu Audit Log powered by YugabyteDB

Their new activity log service required a time series database, but due to the high cardinality of data, various time series systems were evaluated but couldn’t scale to meet the ingest rate or required latency to generate the graphs they needed to present in their dashboard.

Checking all the boxes and operating at scale

Understanding that the database technologies they were already familiar with were not up to the task, they set out to find a database that met their exacting requirements. These requirements included:

  • High scalability and ease of use
  • Ability to perform transactions and utilize secondary indexes at scale
  • Ability to manage time series data with high cardinality
  • Flexibility to support multiple use cases and data models
  • High performance and low latency

YugabyteDB solution at Manetu

After a careful evaluation, Manetu was able to leverage YugabyteDB as a single backend for their microservices and various use cases. Manetu achieved the following technical and business results:

  • Easy to scale out with transactions and secondary indexes
  • Effectively manage time series workloads with high-cardinality
  • High performance reads and writes in a microservices, CQRS architecture
  • Able to ingest high volumes of data quickly
  • Comprehensive multi-region deployment options to enable compliance across the globe

YugabyteDB’s high performance, compatibility with the larger CQL ecosystem, and inherent ease for maintaining highly available multi-AZ deployments and push button elastic scale made it an ease choice to underpin our offering, and allowed us to build a world-class service.

Want to learn more about Manetu’s success?

To learn more about how YugabyteDB is helping Manetu’s future proof the scalability of their data infrastructure, check out the press release and their case study. Want to read about how additional companies are succeeding with distributed SQL? Check out our success stories page.

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Jimmy Guerrero

VP Developer Relations

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