Three Career-Defining Takeaways From My Time as a Yugabyte APJ Intern

Lakshmi Suresh

Hello everyone! It’s Lakshmi, from the sunny (and rainy!) shores of Singapore. I am now wrapping up my Yugabyte internship, and it feels bittersweet to be penning down my thoughts on this document prior to posting it. These four months have been eventful—from the sleepless countdown to DSS Asia 2022 to interacting with a warm team that pools their strengths together.

In this post— the final installment of the series—I want to outline three lessons I have learned from my time as a Yugabyte APJ intern.

1. Supercharge your first 90 days

As someone with a background in business, I took the time to pick up on the technical aspects of YugabyteDB and the benefits of using our product. Besides reviewing content available online, it also involved talking to our lovely engineering team handling Asia and North America. Moreover, getting used to the start-up culture as a newbie takes time, too. Networking, despite mainly having virtual sessions, was key in helping me integrate into the team.

2. Be curious

When I first started my internship, I had the advantage of being an outsider looking in. My bosses, Dennis and Vish, emphasized the importance of adopting a “child’s mind,” taking everything in from a fresh perspective and evaluating accordingly. Following the principles of A/B testing, I enjoyed exploring and pushing boundaries by experimenting with our media and content. I’m thankful for the experimental and fail-forward approach that the team takes.

3. Have fun!

Usually, internships in Asia are opportunities for interns to “prove” themselves as worthy candidates for their conversion into a full-time role. While it doesn’t hurt to be ambitious, the collaborative nature of the team helped me become more mindful of my work and how it was helping me grow. While I do hope to join the team again on future adventures, this was the most precious takeaway from my internship.

Overall, my Yugabyte APJ intern experience was a blast and I would not have had it any other way. I wish my new geo-distributed family all the best and here’s to Yugabyte’s continued success! 🙂

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Lakshmi Suresh

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