When To Use xCluster Async Replication vs Setting Up Kafka

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Marko Rajcevic

xCluster is a built-in replication feature supported at the storage layer. It enables asynchronous replication between two independent YugabyteDB clusters without incurring additional latency on writes.

This feature replicates transaction logs (WALs) in a timeline order of updates and provides the at-least-one semantic (explore additional features and limitations).

If you need to replicate specific tables across two regions, you should consider this method since it is built into YugabyteDB.

Apache Kafka is an extra component for your architecture that’s best suited to stream or replicate changes between YugabyteDB and third-party software. However, YugabyteDB supports change-data-capture (CDC) natively with the use of the Debezium Connector (which can be used for most use cases).

Additional content on xCluster and Apache Kafka

New Video on xCluster Async Replication

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Marko Rajcevic

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