Experiencing Rapid App Growth? Discover Three Ways to Scale PostgreSQL.

Rachel Pescador

Our new infographic, 3 Ways to Scale PostgreSQL, reveals how you can evolve PostgreSQL from a single server to a robust, distributed deployment that provides resilience, compliance, and global scale.

Difference Between PostgreSQL and Distributed PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL is a relational database designed for single-server deployments. It lacks the capabilities of a distributed database.

A distributed PostgreSQL setup typically takes one of the following three forms:

  1. Multi-Master Asynchronous Replication
  2. Multi-Master Sharded PostgreSQL with a Coordinator
  3. Multi-Master Shared-Nothing PostgreSQL

Check out our latest infographic for more information on each option.

Three Ways to Scale PostgreSQL

Geo-distribution of databases Engineering around physics of latencyWant further details? Download the complete guide to distributed PostgreSQL, including strengths, weaknesses, use case fit, and potential challenges.

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Rachel Pescador

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