Yugabyte Joins the Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform Partner Ecosystem

Michael Haag

We are excited to announce that Yugabyte is now part of the Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform partner ecosystem. As a Microsoft partner we are committed to delivering new YugabyteDB distributed database capabilities that enhance the Intelligent Data Platform experience for our joint customers by dramatically simplifying the process to connect YugabyteDB with Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics.

By developing native integration, our joint customers will enjoy a 1-click experience to stream data changes from YugabyteDB into Azure Synapse Analytics, and gain powerful, near real-time insights from their business-critical data.

Complicated Data Flows Limit the Ability to Analyze Transactional Data

As businesses accelerate their modernization journeys, data is becoming one of their most valuable assets.

New, innovative database solutions, like YugabyteDB, are helping businesses store and deliver strongly consistent data to business-critical applications, by providing the scale, availability, and flexibility demanded in today’s cloud native world. Many of the world’s leading enterprises—from GM to Charles Schwab to Kroger—have adopted YugabyteDB as a critical part of their data stack.

As businesses embrace these modern capabilities, they are also looking for ways to pull more value out of that data through real-time and adaptive analytics. Businesses need the capability to effectively handle fragmented data, allowing them to make decisions quickly.

Today, integrating business-critical, transactional data with an intelligent analytics platform can be a time-consuming and complex challenge for developers, data engineers, and business analysts. They face hurdles including data silos between databases and analytics systems, and the complexity of setting up intermediate systems to move data from one environment to another.

A consistent data ecosystem is needed, with tight integration that seamlessly connects systems and accelerates time to value.

Stream Data from YugabyteDB to Azure Synapse Analytics in One Click

As a Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform ecosystem partner, we are excited to announce new integration between YugabyteDB and Azure Synapse Analytics. When delivered, the new integration will directly connect the two environments, eliminating the classic silos and challenges of sharing transactional data between a RDBMS and an analytics platform.

Via a 1-click experience, our joint customers will be able to stream changes from the YugabyteDB database into Azure Data Lake Storage (ADLS) and then query that data with Azure Synapse Analytics and Power BI. The integration will build on the powerful YugabyteDB Change Data Capture (CDC) feature, which captures changes from a YugabyteDB cluster and automatically and efficiently sends them to a listener or receiver.

To link an existing YugabyteDB cluster to an ADLS folder, customers will navigate to a single, simple web portal. Here they will select the ADLS folder and the YugabyteDB tables for replication. After clicking “save” and with the integration in place, the data will start flowing from YugabyteDB into ADLS, where it can be queried by Synapse Analytics and other Microsoft services.

The 1-click experience and native integration is a major part of our near-term roadmap and is currently being worked on. However, users who want to start integrating YugabyteDB with Synapse Analytics today can leverage existing solutions to stream changes from YugabyteDB to ADLS, albeit with a few extra steps. As outlined in the recent blog Unlocking Azure Storage Options with YugabyteDB CDC, users can leverage CDC, the Debezium Connector for YugabyteDB and Kafka to begin analyzing transactional data in YugabyteDB with Azure Synapse Analytics.

Native Integration Eliminates Complexity and Automates CDC Integration

The traditional method of integrating CDC through multiple components is a critical solution for many customers today. However, the native integration also provides valuable benefits to our joint customers:

  • Accelerate Time to Value: Reduce friction and complexity in creating and managing data flows from transactional data to the analytics platform.
  • Democratize Data-Driven Decisions: Through 1-click integration, users can dramatically reduce the amount of time and expertise needed to leverage powerful, cloud-based analytics. This opens up new possibilities for timely and intelligent data-driven business decisions.
  • Eliminate Data Silos: Eliminate common data silos with YugabyteDB’s unified, versatile database for your transactional applications. The new integration allows you to further bring together data from your transactional system to ADLS and Azure Synapse Analytics for enhanced analytics.

“With the growing importance of data and the need to discover powerful insights from different data sets, Microsoft and Yugabyte are working together to help customers transform their businesses and deliver impactful results,” said  Raghu Ramakrishnan, CTO and Technical Fellow for Azure Data at Microsoft. “By delivering native integration for Azure Synapse Analytics in YugabyteDB, our joint customers will be able to easily and quickly connect their transactional application data to Azure’s powerful data analytics platform.”

Learn More About YugabyteDB on Microsoft Azure

For more information about deploying YugabyteDB Anywhere on Microsoft Azure, refer to the YugabyteDB docs or the Microsoft Azure section of the Yugabyte Blog.

YugabyteDB is also available through the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

Learn More: Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform Partner Ecosystem announcement

Michael Haag

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