From Student to Engineer: Inside My Rocket Ship Journey as a Yugabyte Intern

Niyati Sinha

I am Niyati Sinha and I have been working at Yugabyte for the past six months. Going from student to Yugabyte engineer has been a fantastic journey so far!

The one thing that has stood out for me since joining as an engineering intern is the enriching company culture of Yugabyte. There are no limits, so I’ve been able to learn and explore in whatever direction I want. 

My Background

I am a final year Computer Science and Engineering undergraduate (2018-2022 batch) at KIIT University, India. I explored various domains in my first two years in college such as full-stack development, machine learning, image processing, embedded systems, and more.

All this exposure made me realize that the future depends on data. And to manage this growing data, we need efficient and highly compatible distributed databases like YugabyteDB.

The Application Process

My application process to join Yugabyte was relatively short and efficient and completed within just two weeks. It involved a coding round and two technical interviews. I then received my offer letter within a day. So, overall the hiring process was very smooth.

In my opinion, it was the most simple and easy-going processes that a candidate could hope for.

Why Do I Think YugabyteDB is the Future?

YugabyteDB is a horizontally scalable, relational database. This means developers no longer need to choose between the horizontal scalability of NoSQL systems and the ACID guarantees of traditional SQL systems. 

What I like about YugabyteDB is that it is not only wire (i.e., client-server protocol) compatible with PostgreSQL. It is also code and ecosystem compatible with PostgreSQL. Additionally, YugabyteDB Managed makes managing these distributed SQL systems simple.

My Experience

I primarily work on YugabyteDB Managed. This is fully managed, YugabyteDB-as-a-Service, without the operational overhead of managing a database.

Since joining the team, I have worked with exceptionally talented people. Additionally, the team here is very supportive and approachable. I believe that the learning curve, exposure, and ownership qualities I have developed here as a fresher will be invaluable in the future. 

Finally, everyone I have worked with has been extremely kind and supportive. I want to thank the whole team for giving me the opportunity to make a difference. I feel highly motivated to contribute to Yugabyte’s mission and future success.


I want to end with a valuable lesson learnt from one of my Yugabyte mentors; Don’t expect others to set your path – it is your responsibility.

Thanks for reading about my journey from student to Yugabyte engineer!

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Niyati Sinha

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