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Wrapping Up 2020 at Yugabyte

Jimmy Guerrero

VP Developer Relations

2020 has been quite an unusual year. Many aspects of business and life have been radically transformed. Words can’t fully express the suffering experienced this year as individuals, families, societies, and as a global community. But simply put – 2020 was challenging and hard. We wish everyone a kind and gentle new year ahead.

As we eagerly welcome 2021, we also wanted to take a moment to wrap up 2020 at Yugabyte. Amid all the tough spots, we were humbly grateful to experience some bright spots, too.

In this post, we share some of the highlights that helped keep us going in 2020 when we needed encouragement and inspiration.

Customer Success Stories

In 2020 we added many new customers in verticals like financial services, brick and mortar retail telco, ecommerce, and cybersecurity. A few customers stepped up to share their stories with the YugabyteDB community. We love hearing how our customers are making use of YugabyteDB in their organizations, and we hope you find these kinds of stories useful, too.

Manetu’s data privacy platform manages millions of identities with YugabyteDB, and is future-proofed to billions over time. Plus they get high performance, push button scale, and more.

Justuno – Conversion Optimization Platform

Justuno consolidated their existing SQL and NoSQL deployments into YugabyteDB. This resulted in high availability and great performance while ensuring scalability to address exponential growth.

Admiral – Online Publisher Management

Admiral is growing and so is its data, but MongoDB couldn’t keep up. Admiral found the geo-distribution capabilities, single-digit low latency, massive scale, and high performance it needed in YugabyteDB.

Check out our success stories page to learn more about the types of companies succeeding with YugabyteDB.

Top Engineering Blog Posts

We often write about all things distributed SQL to help community members make the most out of their YugabyteDB deployments. We were excited to see that these blog posts proved to be the most popular this year with developers:

Notable Press and Analyst Mentions

We’re on a journey to solve the hard problems in data infrastructure so that our customers don’t have to. And we find it rewarding and fun. Getting acknowledged for doing what we love is icing on the cake. Here are a few of the mentions we’re proud of in 2020:

Product Announcements

This year we announced three major releases, published our roadmap for the coming year, and launched a program specifically for startups and early-stage companies. Check out the new and planned features, and let us know what you think:

Events Recap

Because of COVID-19 and social distancing rules and guidelines, events went virtual in 2020. We believe that coming together as a community and maintaining a sense of connection are still very essential and important, which is why we embraced virtual event opportunities. We held our second annual user conference, established 10 Meetups, and hosted dozens of webinars, workshops, and trainings….all at no cost to the community. Here are the highlights and events to look forward to in 2021:

The YugabyteDB Community Keeps Growing

Despite the challenges, 2020 was a good year for the continued growth of the YugabyteDB community. We are thankful for the momentum, the participation, and contributions. Learn more and join us.

  • Over half a million and counting YugabyteDB clusters deployed
  • 2000+ Community Slack members
  • 200+ YugabyteDB Associate certifications granted
  • 130+ contributors to open source
  • 1,000+ community rewards sent world wide to 75 countries

Join Our Team! We Are Hiring!

We have something special here at Yugabyte, and we’re looking for people who treat the opportunity to build the default database for a multi cloud world with as much respect as we do. We’re grateful to be among the companies that are growing fast as digital initiatives accelerate in a COVID world, and we have room for amazing people to join us in carrying out our mission. Here are some of the open roles at Yugabyte, you can find the complete list on our careers page.


2020 was complicated and difficult, and at the same time it was a teacher of resilience and perseverance. Through the rough patches, it was reassuring to be able to (virtually) look around and find fellow Yugabeings to offer guidance and support when needed. Goodbye 2020, and best wishes to all for a healthy and happy year ahead.

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Jimmy Guerrero

VP Developer Relations

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