YugabyteDB Integrates with Arctype SQL Client

Yugabyte Team

PostgreSQL has eaten the world. And so Yugabyte set out to build the most Postgres-compatible, scalable, and resilient database. YugabyteDB is not only wire compatible with PostgreSQL, it is code compatible by reusing the upper half of PostgreSQL. Thanks to this compatibility, YugabyteDB can connect to the vast majority of database tools that integrate with Postgres.

In a previous blog post, Yugabyte Developer Advocate Franck Pachot showed how to connect YugabyteDB in Arctype. We are now going further by announcing a deeper integration between YugabyteDB and Arctype, offering a seamless and fully tested experience of using the two technologies.

Yugabyte is fully compatible with Postgres and supports every attribute

Arctype is a database client with a focus on speed and design. It’s free to use and cross platform. It offers one click query sharing so you never have to copy paste queries to your team again. Another one click and you can quickly visualize query output and even combine multiple charts and tables into a simple and intuitive dashboard.

Connect to YugabyteDB in dark mode or light mode

The YugabyteDB and Arctype engineering teams have worked with each other to engineer every step of the experience of connecting to your database.

Yugabyte specific connection information is preloaded

Now, you get a dedicated connection screen and dedicated dropdowns so you can more easily distinguish which databases are cloud ready and which are plain Postgres. Arctype properly sets the default user, port, and database. Connections have been thoroughly tested by the Arctype dev team across YugabyteDB Managed, YugabyteDB Anywhere, and YugabyteDB.

The Connection URL is Yugabyte specific for easy copy and paste to code.

Between us we sweated every detail to give developers the best YugabyteDB experience in a SQL client. For example, when you enter your connection details, either by pasting in a URI or entering them one by one, Arctype knows to generate a `yugabtedb://` URL to paste into your applications. And with shared workspaces in Arctype, you do not have to worry that everyone gets their database shared. Simply share the workspace and your teammates can instantly see all the tables, queries, dashboards, and database details.

Dealing with enterprise security requirements? Arctype has you covered, too. For the most sensitive databases you can ensure that no data ever leaves your machine. Arctype works completely offline and even without an account.

Lastly, for every combination of connecting to Yugabyte and using it locally or in the cloud, we have produced resource guides and detailed documentation.

Getting Started

We’re excited to deliver a first class client for Yugabyte users. Let us know your feedback in the Yugabyte Slack or in the Arctype Discord and stay tuned as we go deeper and deeper on this new Arctype integration!

You can download and install YugabyteDB in any environment. Alternately, YugabyteDB Managed (formerly Yugabyte Cloud) is a fully managed database-as-a-service (DBaaS) for YugabyteDB. You can get a resilient, scalable, PostgreSQL-compatible database for your applications in just a few minutes. Yugabyte will take care of infrastructure and database operations, letting you focus on building applications. From there, visit Arctype’s website and download the client for your operating system.

Yugabyte Team

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