YugabyteDB Engineering Update – April 13, 2020

Jimmy Guerrero

VP Developer Relations

We are excited to announce that YugabyteDB 2.1.3 is GA! You can read the official release notes here. This release shipped with over 60 new enhancements and fixes.

The Yugabyte team has been working from home in order to do our part with social distancing and to help with containment efforts. We have also transitioned to online meetings with our customers, partners, candidates, community, and fellow Yugabeings. We will continue with these and other measures until it’s determined to be safe otherwise. We wish everyone the best health and wellness, and our thoughts are with all those around the world who have been affected by COVID-19. If during these unprecedented circumstances, you have some time or would welcome a brief distraction, we invite you to check out this post below.

What’s YugabyteDB? It is an open source, high-performance distributed SQL database built on a scalable and fault-tolerant design inspired by Google Spanner. YugabyteDB’s SQL API (YSQL) is PostgreSQL wire compatible.

Database – New Features and Fixes

  • Implement paging for index backfill. #3879
  • Rename indices to indexes in the context of index-backfill. #3901
  • Cleaner error reporting from process main. #3876
  • Fix determining the oldest SST file for intent cleanup. #3917
  • Fix the TS UI transactions link. #3922
  • Fix transaction status resolution with old peer version. #3916
  • Add nodiscard attribute to Status class. #3918
  • Deregister callback for common mem trackers from root mem tracker in destructor of vector. #3750
  • First phase of transaction aware snapshot. #1032
  • Fix data races in CDC Poller. #3771
  • Fix for PgGate shutdown race on shutdown_done flag. #3779
  • Initial multi node yugabyted version. #2057
  • Enable checksum verification for meta blocks of encrypted files. #3974
  • Batch copy table operations that happen during create database. #3743
  • yb-admin: flush_table_by_id, compact_table_by_id #3814
  • Reuse iterators during txn conflict resolution. #3521
  • Persist backfilling timestamp across master failures. #3611
  • Relax requirement on number of log segments in QLTransactionTest.PreserveLogs. #3989
  • Fix encryption format for newly created files. #3976
  • Move remote bootstrap call to OpenTablet to the threadpool. #3012
  • Support the ability to fetch the oldest timestamp record that is more recent than a specified time. #4019
  • A flag for verifying meta block checksums. #4023
  • Stop cleaning intents SST files if previous file was not actually deleted. #3917
  • Fix MakeFuture utility. #3781
  • Restore transaction aware snapshot. #1032
  • Fix demo destroy behavior with Python 2.7.5. #3993
  • Add health checks for the Tserver. #3540
  • Don’t block remote bootstrap service during session init. #4035
  • YBClient should wait for all sync operations to complete upon shutdown. #3989
  • Inherited permissions shouldn’t replace granted permissions in the client’s cache. #4062
  • Fix race condition on ParseTree::stale_. #3083
  • Handle RPC register failure in TransactionStatusResolver. #4064
  • Handle tablet not running in /transactions page. #4071
  • Propagate history cutoff from leader. #1032
  • Allow yb-admin to work with any non-leader master. #4000
  • Transaction aware snapshot persistence. #1032
  • Optimize returning results from Tserver to Postgres. #3926
  • Allow tracing recent operations in MvccManager. #4108
  • Persist ALTER ROLE changes to disk. #4105
  • colocation: cache db colocated in postgres #4101

YSQL API – New Features and Fixes

  • Parallel queries across tablets for SELECT COUNT|MIN|MAX|SUM (*|col_id) FROM. #3624
  • Fixed bug when processing PgsqlConditionPB::operands::column_id. #3937
  • IndexScan returns all rows when there is no match. #3896
  • Partial support for operator families, ALTER OPERATOR and ALTER EXTENSION. #2711
  • Handle transaction conflict status in case of parallel read operations. #3991
  • Wrong results when using DocDB reverse scans with paging. #4004
  • Flush buffered operations before calculating query time. #3696

YCQL API – New Features and Fixes

  • Send proper error when we query system.peers_v2 table. #3862

Yugabyte Platform

  • Fix health check failures when YSQL auth is enabled. #3737
  • Adding under-replicated tablet servers to the master health check. #1374
  • Fix Tab problem when going into Tables page on Yugabyte Cloud. #3749
  • Only save usable AWS instance types. #3626
  • Added APIs for querying audit table. #3792
  • Generate Client Certificate for TLS enabled Universes. #3839
  • Onprem – allow specifying homeDir, automatically exclude installing s3cmd and ntp. #3834
  • Add sorting by default to the releases list and also a search bar to allow users to quickly access the desired release by entering part of the string. #3563
  • Correctly disable ntp install for onprem.

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Jimmy Guerrero

VP Developer Relations

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