YugabyteDB Engineering Update – Jan 29, 2020

Jimmy Guerrero

VP Developer Relations

We are pleased to announce that YugabyteDB 2.0.11 is now live!  You can read the official release notes of this and previous versions here. These two releases shipped with a combined 30+ new enhancements and fixes.

What’s YugabyteDB? It is an open source, high-performance distributed SQL database built on a scalable and fault-tolerant design inspired by Google Spanner. Yugabyte’s SQL API (YSQL) is PostgreSQL wire compatible.


  • Fix txn conflict issues due to absence of cotable ID in DocKey.#3251
  • Table colocation drop flow. #3035
  • Make parentheses optional for SPLIT clause. #3308
  • Fixed restarted portal fields having wrong memory context. #3377
  • IN clause pushdown for hash columns. #3130
  • Reorganized and fixed INDEX implementation. #2959
  • Access pg_stat_statements contents at <tserver_ip>:13000/statements. #3091
  • Create table tombstone. #3357
  • Fix memory leak for altering temporary table. #3031


  • Fixed Upgrade issue for SELECT from Indexed Table. #3281

System Improvements

  • Fix race condition on RetryingTSRpcTask::UnregisterAsyncTask. #3277
  • [2DC] Change cdc_state table format. #3050
  • Fix clock update during commit with committing transaction. #2571
  • Don’t check doc hybrid time at end of the key during rocksdb seek. #3024
  • Fix redis keys command. #3311
  • Move snapshot related classes from ent/ folder. #1032
  • Use correct string end for char[] arg in Format function. #3396
  • Fix SIGSEGV due to null consensus pointer in GetChanges. #3289
  • Do not use TOMBSTONED tablets when load balancing across disks on a node. #3374
  • Expose percentile metrics from histograms. #3362

YugabyteDB Platform

  • UI change for RBAC update to make Profile section functional
  • Refreshing on the Edit Universe page does not load AZSelectorTable #3291
  • Minor fix to ignore instances without memory specifications. #3298
  • Fix missing property in newly generated cluster deviceInfo in ClusterFields. #3290
  • Fix edit universe bug for region/zone update. #3323
  • Cron expression validator on UI doesn’t work correctly #3160, #3160
  • AWS Instance Type Parsing Fix. #3063
  • Added keyspace to multi-table backups. #3343
  • Flow assign_public_ip through properly when creating GCP instance. #3386
  • Added Audit trail for users. #3370

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Our team consists of domain experts from leading software companies such as Facebook, Oracle, Nutanix, Google and LinkedIn. We have come a long way in a short time but we cannot rest on our past accomplishments. We need your ideas and skills to make us better at every function that is necessary to create the next great software company. All while having tons of fun and blazing new trails!

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What’s Next?

  • Compare YugabyteDB in depth to databases like CockroachDB, Google Cloud Spanner and MongoDB.
  • Get started with YugabyteDB on macOS, Linux, Docker and Kubernetes.
  • Contact us to learn more about licensing, pricing or to schedule a technical overview.

Jimmy Guerrero

VP Developer Relations

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