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YugabyteDB Managed – The Monthly Scoop (May 2022)

Shreyas Agnihotri

At Yugabyte, we are always on the lookout for ways to make your experience better. We are quite jazzed to announce a number of updates to YugabyteDB Managed that will make your life easier and help you reduce costs.

Before jumping into the feature updates, in case you missed it we announced an update to our naming: Yugabyte Cloud is now called YugabyteDB Managed!

Here are some exciting new features in YugabyteDB Managed:

Pause and Resume clusters

Your YugabyteDB Managed clusters can now take a nap! If you don’t plan to use your YugabyteDB Managed cluster for some time, you can now pause it and then resume later. While the cluster is paused, we won’t charge you for the vCPU capacity, so you save the associated cost (disk and backup storage will be charged at standard rates). Paused clusters remain in that state until you resume them. Visit our Docs for detailed information.

To pause a cluster, simply select the cluster, click More Links and Pause Cluster.


Choose a maintenance window for patches and DB upgrades

No knocking on the door for housekeeping when you don’t want it! You can now choose your maintenance window and optionally specify an exclusion period for any upcoming DB maintenance and upgrades for your cluster. The maintenance window is a weekly four-hour time block during which YugabyteDB can perform maintenance and/or upgrade the cluster. YugabyteDB performs rolling maintenance and upgrades on multi-node clusters with zero downtime. Read more detailed information in our Docs.

You can review and customize your maintenance window by clicking on the Maintenance tab in the cluster view.


Enjoy Cloud Shell enhancements

YugabyteDB Cloud Shell is a quick way to connect to your YugabyteDB Managed cluster from your browser. And it just got some nice updates! Cloud Shell is now snappier with faster load times and supports longer sessions (up to an hour). You can also open up to five concurrent sessions for multi-tasking.

When you launch Cloud Shell using YSQL API, you can now also explore YugabyteDB’s PostgreSQL features using self-guided pre-built tutorials.


We are listening!

Thanks for reading this inaugural post and we hope that you enjoy using these features. For any feedback, please join our Slack community and leave us a comment. We are always listening to your feedback!

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Shreyas Agnihotri

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