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YugabyteDB Tricks and Tips – Dec 6, 2019

Jimmy Guerrero

VP Developer Relations

Welcome to this week’s tips and tricks blog where we recap some distributed SQL questions from around the Internet. We’ll also review upcoming events, new blogs and documentation that has been published since the last blog. Got questions? Make sure to ask them on our YugabyteDB Slack channel, Forum, GitHub or Stackoverflow. Ok, let’s dive right in:

Do you have any plans to support UTF8MB4 like MySQL does?

Although, MySQL has supported 4-byte characters since 5.5.3, this was done because they did not correctly implement 4-byte UTF8 in the first go around. Originally, MySQL only implemented support for 3 byte encodings. UTF8 in YugabyteDB’s PostgreSQL-compatible SQL layer supports full 4 byte UTF8 encoding right from the get go.

In a YugabyteDB cluster, if node A cannot talk to node B, but node C can talk to A & B. Will A be marked as dead in the UI?

If node A is the leader, it will remain as part of the cluster because it has majority (A and C) so B will get marked as dead in the UI. If node B is the leader, then A will get marked as dead in the UI. If node C is the leader, from its point of view both nodes A and B are not dead.

Does the yaml file for deploying pods in YugabyteDB generate any certificate signing requests?

The Yugabyte platform supports generation of self-signed certificates for enabling SSL/TLS between client/server and server/server or by passing a certificate via an override to the HELM chart via our Yugabyte orchestration platform.

Is it possible to use EBS snapshots as a backup strategy for YugabyteDB nodes running in AWS? If not, why?

Disk based backups would also miss in-flight updates. Users should use the backup commands native to YugabyteDB. The only way EBS would work as an effective backup strategy is if the database was offline during the backup.

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Jimmy Guerrero

VP Developer Relations

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