Enhance Your Security Strategy With the Latest Updates From YugabyteDB Managed

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It’s time to spruce up your security strategy with the latest innovations from YugabyteDB Managed. We are thrilled to introduce two key updates:

  • Take control with custom Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) and precisely manage user access and permissions to match your organization’s specific needs.
  • Enjoy improved supportability with viewer roles, which offer a secure and restricted view of cluster information—without the risk of unintended modifications.

YugabyteDB Managed gives you the power to safeguard access to your data like never before, ensuring utmost security and control. Want to stay ahead of ever-changing security challenges? Discover YugabyteDB Managed’s comprehensive new security features below.

Introducing Fine-Grained RBAC for Enhanced Access Management

Companies often face access management challenges and difficulty customizing to meet specific requirements. This leads to security risks and operational inefficiencies.

We are excited to introduce Custom Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) for YugabyteDB Managed to address this. With this comprehensive security feature, you can configure access permissions at a more granular level, catering to your unique processes and workflows.

With the inclusion of fine-grained RBAC, YugabyteDB Managed provides an advanced security framework aligned with the Principle of Least Privilege. This allows cloud and security admins to grant precise permissions to users, enhancing overall security. You gain improved control over user access and permissions in YugabyteDB Managed environments. 

With custom fine-grained RBAC, you gain:

  1. Comprehensive Role Management: Fine-grained access control allows you to design custom roles for individual users, tailored to their job functions and aligned with specific organizational needs. You control who can view, create, update, or delete database clusters and other resources in YugabyteDB Managed, to ensure that sensitive information is safeguarded and accessed only by authorized users. You can now:
    1. Create new roles with customizable permissions, grouping them by resource type for easy management.
    2. Modify existing custom roles by adding, removing, or changing permissions, giving you precise control over user access.
    3. Safely delete roles, with checks in place to verify if they are in use to prevent accidental removal of vital roles.
  2. Effortless automation: Programmatically manage roles and permissions using YugabyteDB Managed’s intuitive user interface, Command Line (YBM CLI), or REST API, to ensure streamlined administration and ease of management.
  3. Hassle-free growth: RBAC evolves effortlessly to support your organizational growth. Seamlessly add users, create new roles, and adjust permissions to meet the evolving needs of the business.
  4. Enhanced observability: Empower your security incident response teams with RBAC’s robust auditing and monitoring capabilities. This allows them to track user activities, monitor role and permission changes, and maintain a comprehensive audit trail for prompt detection and investigation of suspicious actions.
  5. Streamlined compliance: Harness the full potential of RBAC to effortlessly align with data privacy regulations and industry-specific compliance standards. Establish robust access controls that meet regulatory requirements and maintain comprehensive audit trails to demonstrate unparalleled compliance and accountability.

Secure Access Without the Risk of Accidental Errors With New Viewer Role

We have introduced a new “Viewer” role that allows your admins to provide secure and controlled access for users who only need to view the cluster state and retrieve information about nodes and vCPUs.

Users who are allocated this role can see the status of all clusters in their accounts and change their own passwords or account settings. While users with Viewer roles can log into the admin portal and view cluster information, they are restricted from performing administrative tasks or modifying the cluster configuration. This ensures cluster integrity and security. Roles can be changed to any built-in or custom roles, if required later.

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