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YugabyteDB Managed – The Monthly Scoop (June 2022)

Shreyas Agnihotri

Summer is finally here and there’s no better time to sit back and enjoy a nice, refreshing scoop! June’s monthly scoop for YugabyteDB Managed is loaded with cool new features that we are sure will get your summer started right.

YugabyteDB Managed Monthly Scoop

Check out these latest features (and for previous posts, check out our archive):

Fast cluster creation

No more twiddling thumbs while your cluster is getting created. Thanks to the latest improvements, most clusters in YugabyteDB Managed are now created in about 5 minutes. Create a new cluster and connect to it in less time than it takes to order an ice-cream at a drive-thru!

Simple social logins

With social logins, signing up for YugabyteDB Managed is now as smooth as soft-serve.

Accelerate sign up by logging into YugabyteDB Managed using your existing social accounts such as Google, GitHub or LinkedIn. No need to complete additional sign up forms or remember another password. Already have an account, then link your social account with an existing YugabyteDB Managed account to enjoy an additional login method. You can also find more details here.

YugabyteDB Managed Monthly Scoop

Quick multi-region cluster creation

One scoop of ice-cream is delicious, multiple scoops are even better!

In addition to single-region clusters, new updates make it easy to create highly-available clusters in YugabyteDB Managed that replicate data across multiple cloud regions and tolerate region-level failures. Multi-region clusters provide better availability for your data and a greater peace of mind for you. Creating multi-region clusters is currently in preview with more enhancements on the way. To see the new multi-region capabilities in action, check out the upcoming episodes in our new YugabyteDB Managed video series on YouTube.

We are listening!

Finally, thanks for reading, and we hope that you enjoy these new features. Please join our Slack community and leave us a comment or ask questions. We are always listening to your feedback!

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Shreyas Agnihotri

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