Announcing YugabyteDB 1.3 with Enterprise Features as Open Source

Sid Choudhury

SVP, Product

We are very excited to announce the arrival of YugabyteDB 1.3. This post will outline some of the major milestones in this release.

Enterprise Features Move To Open Source

In this release, all the enterprise features in the core DB are now available in open source under the Apache 2.0 license! Effective v1.3, there is no more EE vs CE distinction, there is just one database with all the features you want. Examples of features that just got open-sourced include:

  • Distributed backups and restore
  • TLS encryption of data over the wire
  • Encryption of data at rest
  • Read replicas
  • Upcoming features like Change Data Capture and 2 Data Center Deployments

We have detailed our rationale for these changes in another post. In short, we believe that a 100% open source DB lays down the best path towards realizing our vision of becoming the Oracle for the modern cloud.

YSQL Release Candidate

YSQL, the PostgreSQL-compatible distributed SQL API of YugabyteDB, just moved to release candidacy from Beta 3 status, with the GA release just weeks away. Beta 1 through Beta 3 saw the advent of one of the most powerful distributed SQL APIs available today:

  • All data types – including data types such as ARRAYS, DOMAIN and RANGE.
  • Built-in functions and expressions.
  • Transactions and indexes, including partial indexes.
  • Foreign key referential integrity
  • Views and subqueries
  • Advanced functionality such as stored procedures and triggers

With the move to release candidacy, we invite developers to build more applications on top of YSQL. It has excellent support for client drivers and ORMs across many languages.

Yugabyte Platform Becomes Source Available

Our primary commercial product today is the Yugabyte Platform , previously know as YugabyteDB Enterprise Edition. Yugabyte Platform helps realize an advanced, fully-operational private DB-as-a-Service in a matter of minutes on any infrastructure. Our current customers run Yugabyte Platform in production across a variety of use cases. From serving billions of operations per day in a public cloud, to running YugabyteDB on a geo-distributed, multi-Kubernetes-cluster on-premises deployment for extreme fault tolerance and simplified operations. And no matter the use case, the customers love the operational ease the platform brings. We are happy to announce that the source code for this platform is now available on our GitHub repo under the Polyform Free Trial 1.0 license.

If you are interested in a free trial of the Yugabyte Platform, you can do so starting today!

Early Access for Fully-Managed Yugabyte Cloud

Having helped a number of users build sophisticated private DBaaS solutions, we are now announcing early access to Yugabyte Cloud, our fully-managed cloud offering on AWS and Google Cloud Platform. Microsoft Azure support is targeted for next year.

Imagine running your beloved SQL application against a cloud database that has the storage architecture of Google Spanner, but all the language features of PostgreSQL. Does you application need high availability with resilience to failures? Do you need to scale out at a moment’s notice? Are you thinking about a geo-distributed deployment? No problem, we have you covered! Be sure to sign up if you are interested in taking it for a spin.

What’s Next?

Look for YSQL to go GA as a part of YugabyteDB v2.0 in a few weeks. We will be focused on building enabling apps to run in production as well as on performance improvements. Other exciting work in progress includes support for 2 Data Center deployments and Change Data Capture functionality. We are also working towards enabling a number of ecosystem integrations including GraphQL support and better support for Spring developers.

Sid Choudhury

SVP, Product

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